Traina Thoughts: The Takes Have Been Hotter Than Hot This Week

Doug Gottlieb accuses Adrian Beltre of PED use; Stephen A. Smith angered by LaVar Ball coverage.
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The best of the Internet, plus musings by writer, Jimmy Traina.

1. This is what happens when there's no football and we're in the dead part of the sports calendar. The hot take artists who make up outlandish claims to get any piece of attention possible have to take their game to another level. The past 48 hours have seen seen one ridiculous take get toppled by another ridiculous take at a rapid pace. It's been impossible to keep up, but we're here to help.

We've got PED accusations against Adrian Beltre.

We've got PED accusations against Tom Brady.

We've got a network using a man who was accused of murder and negotiated a plea agreement down to obstruction of justice as an authority figure on the Colin Kaepernick situation.

In the middle of all this, there was some major FS1 on FS1 crime.

We've got another network lamenting the attention given to LaVar Ball while talking about LaVar Ball everyday.

Like I said, every day.

Can the bar for these takes get lower? I think we all know the answer to that question. The NFL season begins on Sept. 7. That's 37 days away. Buckle up!

2. Kobe Bryant hilariously shared his new Dad Bod on Instagram yesterday, but then deleted the post. Maybe he got sick of reading the comments, but this was some of his best social media work.


3. Not only did Evan Longoria hit for the cycle last night, but he got quite a shoutout from his awesome wife. Jaime Edmondson.

4. In a new interview, Steph Curry says that he was not mocking LeBron James, but rather paying tribute to the King, when he imitated James at a wedding last week.

5. Honestly, the only thing you need in your life today is this video of Eli Manning "dancing" in the Giants locker room yesterday.

6. Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer hit his first career home run last night and his facial reaction was superb.

7. Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews has Barack and Michelle Obama's faces tattooed on his legs.

8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: I can't implore you enough to listen to Vince McMahon's ridiculous play-by-play while Yokozuna destroys Hacksaw Jim Duggan. 

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