Trevor Bauer’s Bobblehead Is Covered in Blood and Holding a Drone

The Reno Aces are savage for this one. 
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I never thought I’d be excited by a preview of a bobblehead doll, but here we are. 

The Reno Aces, the Triple A affiliate of the Diamondbacks, just released an early look at the bobblehead they’ll be handing out in about three weeks to honor one-time Aces pitcher Trevor Bauer. Or maybe I shouldn’t say “honor,” since Bobble Bauer appears to be holding a drone and dripping blood. 

Bauer, in case you’ve forgotten the most insane story of the 2016 postseason, sliced up his right pinky finger while repairing his drone just before he was scheduled to face the Blue Jays in the ALCS. He had to be pulled from the game after his stitches popped and he started bleeding all over the place. 

I felt sort of bad for Bauer at the time because it seemed like people were criticizing him for a freak accident that resulted from an innocent hobby, but now that I see he seems like a jerk I don’t feel so bad. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the bobblehead looks like. (If any of our readers are in Reno, the giveaway is a day after my birthday. Just saying.)