Jay Cutler's first night in the Dolphins' team hotel was apparently a massively disorienting experience.

By Jon Tayler
August 08, 2017

When we last left human sigh Jay Cutler, he was inking a one-year deal to take over as the Dolphins' new quarterback and looking like someone had told him that one of his kids had just flushed his wallet down the toilet. Cutler spent his press conference telling reporters that it wouldn't take him long to get back into game shape despite a long offseason of getting ready for retirement and broadcasting, though it seemingly might take a little longer for his brain to catch up. To wit:

My assumption, based on the faces that he makes, has long been that Cutler routinely wakes up not really knowing where he is. It's good to see reality matching my imagination. Though Cutler's day apparently only went downhill from the moment he woke up.

Jay, I've got some bad news for you, buddy.

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