Watch: LeBron James Jr. Teams Up With Hassan Whiteside At Miami Pro-Am

LeBron James Jr. and Hassan Whiteside are a scary duo on a fast break.
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LeBron James Jr. got a chance to get some run in with guys a bit older than him, and thanks to Hassan Whiteside, the 12-year-old looked like he belonged.

The Miami Heat center teamed up with the younger LeBron at a Miami pro-am, and the two showed off some impressive on-court chemistry.

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Going for the lob off the bounce might not have worked, but considering they connected on an alley-oop where James Jr. threw the pass from half-court, they get some leeway on botching an attempt.

Whiteside lifting James in the air to let him dunk was also pretty cool in its own way.

Now think about how amazing this duo will be when James can dunk on his own.