Big Cass Appears to Suffer Legitimate Knee Injury vs. Enzo Amore on Raw

This didn’t look like it was part of the show. 
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The latest chapter in the beef between former tag team partners Big Cass and Enzo Amore didn’t end well for Cass on Monday. 

Cass and Enzo were set to battle in a “Brooklyn street fight” but the match didn’t meet its intended conclusion, as Cass’s knee buckled under him and the referee had to throw up the X to stop the bout. 

Cass appeared to twist his knee while going over the ropes and hobbled around the ring for another minute before the knee gave out as he prepared for an elbow drop. 

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Enzo went after Cass with a bunch of tweets later in the night, though he did end the mini rant by saying he hopes Cass is fine. 

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It’s entirely possible that the injury is a work, but you can hear in the video above that the ringside mics had to be cut to avoid airing Cass’s repeated curses. That’s not how they teach you to sell an injury on a family-friendly show.

Plus, with the shopping cart full of weapons, this match was clearly supposed to be a brutal one. It wasn’t supposed to end with Cass crumpling to the ground unprovoked. (And as any sports fan will tell you, it’s the non-contact knee injuries that are the scariest.)