John Cena Brought to Tears by Realizing the Impact He Has on People’s Lives

You’ll get teary-eyed watching this, too. 
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I’ll be honest, I’m about as cynical as can be. Every time I see a commercial masquerading as a feel-good video, my eyes rolls almost all the way out of my skull. So when I saw everyone say how heartwarming this ad for a cellphone company is I was ready to scoff at it.

But this video is legitimately uplifting! John Cena does so many good deeds for so many people who look up to him that you think he might be numb to it all. No, while standing face-to-face with a group of his biggest fans, Cena was overcome with emotion. 

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It’s amazing to see that these people have made just as large an impact on Cena’s life as he has on theirs. “Never give up” isn’t just a catchphrase.