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Conor McGregor Introduces Notorious Irish Whiskey After Fight

Conor McGregor will soon be providing the drinks as well as the entertainment for fight night.

Conor McGregor made the jump from MMA to boxing Saturday night. He also announced he is making the jump into signature alcohol with his Notorious Irish Whiskey.

When McGregor stepped up for his post-fight press conference, he carried a glass along with his new signature whiskey and told the crowd that it was "coming soon."

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He made sure to keep the bottle either in hand or on display and took sips from the glass as he fielded questions about the fight and his future prospects now that the match is over.

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There are plenty of celebrities who have had success with a signature alcohol, most notably Diddy with his Ciroc vodka. If McGregor can even sniff Diddy's level with this new whiskey, it will be considered a success.

However, if he wants to take things to an even higher status than Diddy, McGregor might want to embrace Metta World Peace and use his whiskey as a refreshment in between rounds at his next fight. It wouldn't be the smartest move for hydration, but it would be a great marketing tactic and would propel McGregor's legacy and persona into an almost mythical place.