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Kevin Durant Will Play Rory McIlroy’s Golf Video Game for ‘Seven or Eight Hours a Day’

Kevin Durant spends way too much time playing golf on his Xbox. 

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Kevin Durant’s appearance on the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones” was tremendous, and not just because the heat of the wings almost made KD tap out. 

Durant dissed Draymond Green’s fashion sense, revealed his strategy for making Twitter trolls “feel stupid” and what he learned from Kobe Bryant: “Every time you touch the ball, shoot it.”

Durant also spent a couple of minutes talking video games, primarily NBA 2K, but was also asked what game he plays the most besides 2K

Rory McIlroy PGA Tour,” KD answered. “I’ll play that like seven or eight hours a day sometimes. Me and my friends will go online and play. It’s so much fun.”

Alright, now here’s a video of Durant’s golf swing. 

However, that video predates the release of the McIlroy game by about two weeks. I’d be willing to bet that a couple years of playing PGA Tour on Xbox and a custom club fitting might be enough to turn him into a respectable golfer. It’ll be a while before KD can challenge J.R. Smith to a match, though.