Mike Francesa fans let memes do the talking after Craig Carton was arrested.

By Jimmy Traina
September 06, 2017

Craig Carton and Mike Francesa both work for WFAN radio in New York. Craig Carton and Mike Francesa, despite being colleagues, do not like each other. At all.

Carton feels Francesa wasn't welcoming when he and Boomer Esiason took over the WFAN morning show after Don Imus was fired in 2007. Francesa is constantly getting mocked and ripped by Carton on the air and off the air. In fact, Carton recently gave an interview in which he talked about Francesa tarnishing his legacy, as the long-time host is set to leave WFAN on Dec. 15 after 30 years at the station.

So when news broke on Wednesday morning about Carton getting arrested for allegedly being involved in a ticket ponzi scheme, Francesa's loyal fans, known as Mongo Nation, went meme crazy.

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