In Wednesday's Hot Clicks, a perfect engagement goes horribly wrong. Plus a look at Melina Martin.

By Andy Gray
September 13, 2017

This proposal went horribly wrong

I don't have my A Game today. I went to see Paul McCartney last night, slept about four hours and here we are. The concert was amazing though–three hours, no breaks, good jokes between songs. Anyhow, it was a slow night for sports, which allows me to lead with the story of Seth Dixon. Seth had the perfect engagement all planned out, only to be foiled by the planks of a wooden bridge.

Hannah Jeter and the U.S. Virgin Islands need your help

If you have a few extra dollars to spare, it would go a long way.

That's 20 straight wins for the Indians

Look out 1935 Chicago Cubs! Your record is about to fall.

Lovely Lady of the Day

Melina Martin is really attractive and today's LLOD. Sorry I don't have much in the creative juices department this morning (click for full-size gallery). 

Probably best to find out before the marriage

An English woman arranged a four-day bachelor party getaway for her fiance and his friends, only to steal the money before getting arrested for fraud.

What are you thinking, Denny's?

Nobody wants a mascot that looks just like poop.

Kris Bryant has good manners

Writing thank you notes is one reason to never get married (hope my wife isn't reading!).

Dirk's new nickname

Win the whole f-ing thing

Odds & Ends

The other Steve Smith is the most unqualified Hall of Fame nominee ever. Here's the full list of new HOF candidates ... Today in dumb sports injuries, I present an infected leg pimple ... Colin Kaepernick threw his support behind Jemele Hill and her controversial Donald Trump statements ... Russell Westbrook is about to get PAID by Jordan Brand ... I thought the state of Ohio owned Ohio State but I was wrong ... Good news for those who can't get enough Jim Harbaugh.

Conor McDavid wants that cover

Me too!

Hero cop saves tiny kitten

Live and Let Die

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