This has to be rigged, right?

By Dan Gartland
September 22, 2017

I didn’t wake up this morning expecting to formulate conspiracy theories about The Price is Right, but here we are. What happened on Friday’s episode is too improbable to be anything but an elaborate rig job. 

For anyone is unfamiliar with the show because they never stayed home sick from school, the last game before the climactic Showcase Showdown features contestants spinning a giant wheel covered with numbers. Whichever of the three contestants lands closest to 100 points advances to the showcase. If you land on the 100 with your first spin, you win $25,000. If you fall short of 100, you can risk your score to spin again, but you’re disqualified if you exceed 100. If you total 100 points on your two spins, you win $10,000. 

So what happened on Friday’s show? First Wilbert wins $10,000 with his second spin. 

Then Charlotte wins $10,000 with her second spin. 

Then Zacharia wins $10,000 with his second spin. 

Then Wilbert spins again to break the three-way tie and wins $25,000 on his first spin. 

Then Charlotte wins $25,000 with her spin. 

(Charlotte ended up winning the second tiebreaker to advance.)

I’m not good enough at math to calculate the odds of this happening but I know they’re astronomical. I’m totally convinced this is a viral marketing stunt and Bob Barker is back there with his hands on the wheel. 

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