The Mets fired team trainer Ray Ramirez and their fans are downright giddy.

By Jimmy Traina
October 03, 2017

1. Sometimes you have to sit back and appreciate the weirdness and ridiculousness of sports. Today is a good time for that thanks to Mets fans. New York fired its trainer, Ray Ramirez, this morning. You wouldn't think a trainer getting fired would be a big deal, but thanks to Mets players dropping like flies on what seemed like a daily basis, Ramirez became one of the most hated figures in New York sports. While celebrating anyone's firing is bad karma, Mets fans threw caution to the wind and took to Twitter to share their overwhelming joy and relief.

2. Thank you, Sean McDononugh, for slyly alluding to the fact that the Chiefs ended up covering a 7-point spread and that the K.C.-Washington game went over the total of 48 on a garbage touchdown with no time left. Yes, that TD was meaingful to some. Actually, many.

3. We told you yesterday that the Chargers in L.A. has been a complete disaster. Not only have their home games been filled with fans of the opposing teams, but nobody is watching the Chargers on TV in L.A., either.

4. Confidence is clearly not a problem for Knicks forward Michael Beasley

Let the Beasley era begin in New York 🙃 (link in bio)

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5. I'm sure this is a Lyft commercial, but if Joel Embiid reallys jogs around Philadelphia at night and responds to fans who shout him out, more power to him.

6. Yankees rookie, Aaron Judge, topped all MLB players in jersey sales for this past season.

7. If you haven't watched Jimmy Kimmel's monologue from last night, you should do so now.


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BONUS ITEM: The Yankees being -260 tonight is an absurd line for one baseball game where anything can happen.

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