Need an idea for a sports-related Halloween costume? We have you covered. Let's get weird.

By Extra Mustard
October 25, 2017

Dressing up as a sports figure for Halloween often ends poorly, mainly because people tend to throw on a random jersey from their closet and proclaim "I'm Chad Pennington."

That's lame. If you're going to dress up for Halloween, at least put a little effort into it. The problem is people don't have time to ruminate on clever Halloween costumes—that's where we come in.

Here at Extra Mustard, we specialize in the intersection of sports and pop culture, so coming up with sports-themed Halloween costumes is basically our job description. 

Here are some ideas for creative Halloween costumes for those of you who are as sports-obsessed as we are.

Psychic Tony Romo 

What you need: Cowboys jersey, Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, Head Scarf

Whether you love or hate his gregarious broadcasting style, Romo's abilities as a predictor are undeniable—the guy just seems to always know what play is coming. You can take this costume to the next level by randomly, and in a high voice, telling a random guy at the party to "Throw it outside the numbers, Derek!" 

Jim Harbaugh

What you need: Khakis, coach's whistle, blue sweater, flat-brimmed Michigan hat

At this point, Harbaugh' khakis are nothing short of iconic. If you have all the essentials, virtually every sports fan will recognize who you're dressing up as, and that's absolutely key to pulling off a good Halloween costume. There's just nothing worse than having to explain your outfit.

LaVar Ball

What you need: Big Baller Brand sweatshirt, Big Baller Brand hat, Big Baller Brand shoes, general aura of ridiculousness

We advise going the homemade route for this costume—don't spend upwards of $120 on Big Baller Brand apparel if you're only going to wear it on Halloween. Just write "Big Baller Brand" on a piece of paper and tape it to your clothing. 

The key to this costume isn't the clothing, it's responding to normal questions like "how have you been" with outrageous claims like "I'VE BEEN PERFECT. 82-0. I AIN'T NEVER LOST!"

Hoodie Melo

What you need: An oversized, preferably sleeveless hoodie, Carmelo Anthony jersey (can be from Syracuse, the Knicks or the Thunder)

The legend of Hoodie Melo was birthed this summer as multiple videos of him working out in a hoodie surfaced across social media. Melo ran with it by showing up to Thunder media day and opening night in his new signature fashion piece. This costume's best aspect is its simplicity, plus it's an excuse to wear a hoodie-jersey combo that looks pretty good but doesn't really fly in the real world.

Pajama Tom Brady

What you need: UnderArmour Athlete Recovery Sleepwear™, something that distinguishes you as Tom Brady

As far as comfort goes, you're not going to beat this costume, but you're going to have to do something special to make this recognizable. If you show up to a party in Under Armour sleepwear and nothing else, you're just going to look like you're unhappy to be there, and that's no fun.

Alex Morgan in Epcot

What you need: USA jersey (ideally Alex Morgan's), Mickey Mouse Ears

Morgan was thrown out of the Epcot theme park at Disney World because she and the group she was with were "impaired and aggressive." We at Extra Mustard would never condone acting aggressively, but Halloween is a time for celebration, so go out and enjoy yourself. Just don't blame us if you get kicked out of wherever you are. 

The Process

What you need: Ping pong balls, Sam Hinkie t-shirt/Sixers gear of some kind, two-liter filled with Shirley Temple, walking boot

This one's kind of prop-heavy, but your effort will be rewarded with serious creativity points. Tape ping pong balls all over your costume, and wear the walking boot as homage to Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and other injury-plagued Sixers. You can pair your Shirley Temple with a grown-up drink if you so please.  

Thumbs Down Guy 

What you need: Nerdy glasses, light blue button down, grey beard (optional), a functioning thumb and strong shoulder muscles

A great option for those who leave costume planning to the last minute or for people who don't want to spend a lot. This costume comes with an added bonus: If you keep your thump pointed down for the entirety of the party, you're not only pulling off a funny costume, you're also getting a damn good shoulder workout. 

Marlins Man 

What you need: Orange Marlins jersey, grumpy disposition

Marlins Man is everywhere, so it's only right that he should make an appearance at your Halloween party. He's also famous for having ridiculously good seats, which gives you a built-in excuse to sit down for extended periods of time.

Billie Jean King/Bobby Riggs Combo

What you need: Women's tennis polo, men's tennis polo, tennis skirt, tennis shorts, two pairs of round glasses, two retro tennis racquets

Perfect for the sports-obsessed duo and particularly timely with the release of "Battle of the Sexes" last month. 

USMNT at the World Cup

What you need: Nothing. Just don’t show up to the party.

Get it? Because the U.S. lost to Trinidad and Tobago to miss the 2018 World Cup? This is still painful, and the best way to deal with painful situations is to make light of them. This is also a witty retort to the always annoying question of "why didn't you come": Just say you were dressed up as the USMNT at the World Cup. Zing!

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