1. If Chris Long isn't one of your favorite athletes in all of sports by now, you're doing things wrong. 

You already know that Long has donated his entire salary for this season to various charities. He's shown that you can support the military AND players who choose to protest during the national anthem. He's shown that he will not be used as a pawn to make Colin Kaepernick look bad.

All this while also being a beast on the field. 

Long is not resting on his laurels, though. He's the man behind the Eagles' postseason dog masks and even tried to drink a beer while wearing one last Sunday.

As if all this isn't enough to convince you that Long deserves nothing but a massive amount of respect, he's now taking on the NFL's greediness. The league is trying to capitalize on the Eagles' dog mask craze by selling shirts. 

Eagles' offensive lineman Lane Johnson had already designed his own T-shirt with the dog masks for charity, so Long made it clear the league should not be profiting off this fun gimmick.

Chris Long = hero.

UPDATE: And right on cue, Chris Long gets the job done.

2. If you read Monday's Traina Thoughts, you know we had some fun with Bill Belichick's postgame attire from the AFC Championship Game. Good Morning Football's Kyle Brandt took notice (thanks for the shoutout!) and tried to pull off the Belichick look on Tuesday's show.

3. LeBron James is expected to hit the 30,000-point milestone tonight. He earned congratulations this morning on Instagram from LeBron James.

4. Kobe Bryant is now an Academy Awards nominee. His film, Dear Basketball, has been nominated for Best Animated Short Film. The NBA legend was overwhelmed by the honor.

5. Rick Carlise pulled zero punches after Salah Mejri got ejected last night.

6. The Rock and Roger Federer have been engaged in a Twitter back-and-forth over the past week and it culminated last night with Roger doing an imitation of The Rock following his Australian Open win.

7. If Mel Kiper is a man of his word, he'll be retiring this year after a horrible prediction in 2010.

8. RANDOM WRESTLING VIDEO OF THE DAY: On this date in 1984, Hulk Hogan won the WWF title from the Iron Shiek and Hulkamania was born.

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BONUS ITEM: To say Raw 25 last night was a huge disappointment would be an understatement. Way too much air time for the current superstars and current storylines and not enough of all the past legends who were advertised for the show.