Wednesday's Hot Clicks: Two-Year-Old Fan Has Plan For Justin Turner's Broken Wrist

Who needs a medical staff when you have this young fan?
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Justin Turner gives new friend free tickets

The baseball world was bummed by the news of Justin Turner's broken wrist, which will most likely cause him to miss opening day. Nobody was more bummed, however, than two-year-old Declan Riddle, who came up with the perfect plan to heal Turner's injury (and scored two free Dodgers tix as a result). 

New, dumb sports trend I really like

If you haven't noticed, a bunch of teams are making their own version of The Office theme song. I'm not sure why but it's amazing and Flyers rendition is my favorite so far. 

Deion Sanders embarrasses himself on Twitter

If you're a NFL analyst, you should know who's a player and who's a fan.

San Diego native Natesha Tuggle​ is a nice distraction from the horrible weather on the East Coast. She is today's LLOD (click for full-size gallery). 

Von Miller is on a boat

This yacht party looks like much more fun than whatever you and I are doing today.

Hot Clicks covers badminton

I don't know much about the sport either but a 102-shot rally seems impressive.

Love the stock photo they used for this

Okay then

This girl took revenge to a whole new level

Hazing the camera guy

Odds & Ends

ESPN has a major conflict of interest with A-Rod and not enough people are talking about it... Here's a basketball game nobody wants to see ever ... Ryan Donato scored his first NHL goal on Monday night, then attended class at Harvard on Tuesday ... Ranking Sweet 16 coaches by how well they're paid ... I like the idea of Mark Jackson coaching the Knicks ... Five reasons Jon Gruden will fail as coach of the Raiders ... New trend: Cities banningthe sale of fur ... Caitlyn Jenner needs to stay out of the sun.

At least he laughed it off

When you find out the newest version of Hot Clicks is out

Some soccer thoughts from Grant and Luis

This couple is way too into Bitcoin

Any Road

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