Monday’s Hot Clicks: White Sox Fan Inhales Three Pounds of Ice Cream All By Himself

That’s 12 scoops of ice cream, but it’s a bargain at only $17. 
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That’s three pounds of ice cream

Of all the great performances in baseball yesterday—Shohei Ohtani’s nine strikeouts, Jordan Hicks throwing the five fastest pitches of the season in a single outing, Tyler Austin’s two homers—I’d like to highlight this titanic achievement by an ambition White Sox fan. 

The South Side club offers a twist on the classic ice cream helmet, filling not a novelty helmet but one big enough to put on your head. It’s a 12-scoop banana split that weighs in at a total of three pounds (and it’s a bargain at only $17).

“It should feed a lot of people,” a White Sox executive told ESPN when the product was launched in 2014. So much for that. 

As impressive as this is, it’s nowhere near the world record for ice cream eating. At last summer’s Indiana State Fair, competitive eater Miki Sudo set a new world record when she ate 16 pints of ice cream in just six minutes

Even the Golden Knights’ owner couldn’t imagine this

Just 11 months after constructing their roster through the expansion draft, the Golden Knights beat the Jets to advance to the Stanley Cup Final. I think every sports fan is aware that no one could have conceived this was possible when the season started. The prevailing wisdom was that a team constructed of the scraps of every other team would be the worst in the league. Even owner Bill Foley believed the Knights were years away from being Cup contenders. 

There is a legitimate chance that Vegas wins the whole damn thing and holds the most raucous parade in NHL history right down the Las Vegas Strip. 

The only people in Las Vegas not rooting for the Knights to win are the bookmakers who could be forced to pay out big money to people who bet on the Knights to win the Cup before the season. One person bet $400 on the Knights at 300 to 1 odds at the Westgate Superbook before the first game. If Vegas wins, that bettor takes home $120,000. 

Is it too much to ask for a compelling game?

If the current trend of home teams dominating continues, the NBA Conference Finals may end up being tightly contested series. But thus far none of the individual games have provided much in the way of drama.

The Cavs cruised to a 30-point win over the Celtics on Saturday and the Warriors pantsed the Rockets by 41 last night. The closest any of the first three games in either series has been is 13 points. If we end up with a bunch of blowouts leading to another Warriors-Cavs matchup, LeBron is going to have to do something crazy to redeem this postseason. 

Bits & Pieces

I understand if no one is reading this because Peter King’s final MMQB is live. ... A man bought a house and thought the metal box on the edge of the property was for electrical equipment. It was a safe full of cash and diamonds. ... The Madison Square Garden Company is building a futuristic sphere-shaped arena on the Las Vegas strip. ... Angels infielder Zack Cozart is all bent out of shape because the Rays found a new way to use their pitchers. ... An Ohio man called the police because a pig was following him home

Too real

Derek Jeter was Jesus, next question


Shaun Livingston did him dirty

This is extremely American

I don’t think that’s supposed to happen

A good song

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