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1. It's not breaking news to say that Fox & Friends is one of the worst shows in the history of television, but today was a banner day. The state-run program dedicated an entire segment to blasting the National Association of Black Journalists for naming ESPN's Jemele Hill its Journalist of the Year.

Now, before I even get into what actually took place, can we just pause for a moment and acknowledge how hilarious it is that Fox & Friends decided to pretend today that they even care one iota about the National Association of Black Journalists? Truly precious.

OK, now for the segment. The completely lost hosts and their guest did not critique the NABJ for giving Hill the award based on her body of work the past year. Instead, they spent the whole segment ripping Hill for being "unemployed."


Yes, Hill is no longer hosting the 6 p.m. edition of SportsCenter, but ESPN has used her on a variety of its shows, such as Highly Questionable and SportsNation and she writes a column. It's right here

Obviously, you'd have to be off your rocker to expect Fox & Friends to get anything right and pay attention to facts, but this particular quote from the guest was especially comical: "The National Black Association of Journalist is literally saying we’re gonna applaud unemployment and that’s not something I stand for."

One: It's the National Association of Black Journalists. Two: She's not unemployed.

It got better, though. The guest then dropped this absurd line:

“How can she donate to those young black folks if she no longer has a platform? If I want, if I had a little girl, to say, hey, if she wanted to go in sports, she could look up to Jemele. Well, there is no Jemele anymore.”

That has to be news to Hill, who at last check is still alive and well and employed by ESPN and tweeting to more than 1 million followers.

Oh, and all the hosts kept calling her "Jemeal" throughout the segment. 

UPDATE: "Fox & Friends" decided facts actually matter and issued this correction Tuesday afternoon.

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