Tuesday’s Hot Clicks: This Will Be the Summer of Joel Embiid Dunking on Civilians

Joel Embiid has found his true calling: clowning on dudes at his local park. 
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JoJo is going to do this all summer

Joel Embiid has found his true calling: clowning on dudes at his local park. Just look at this guy who had his Memorial Day ruined (or probably made, honestly) by a ferocious windmill dunk from Embiid. 

The thing is, this is becoming something of theme for Embiid this offseason. It started last week when he was on vacation in the Bahamas.

Just a couple of days later, after he returned to Philly, he did it again.

There has never been an NBA player more suited to spend his offseason playing practical jokes on unsuspecting members of the public than the jovial Joel Embiid. I hope he never stops. But if this turns out to be part of a hidden camera show I’m going to lose my mind. 

The Rockets were historically awful

Houston came out hot in Game 7 last night but choked in the second half like no team has ever choked before. The Rocket missed 27 three-pointers in a row—TWENTY-SEVEN—while watching the Warriors take the lead. That streak is, unsurprisingly, a playoff record.

While the Golden State lead never exceeded 13, it might as well have been 30. In any other game you would have said the Rockets were within striking distance, but not when they’re literally incapable of making a shot. 

That means we’re getting a fourth straight Finals matchup between the Warriors and Cavs, the NBA’s new annual tradition. 

Tom Wilson is such an ass

Capitals winger Tom Wilson could be looking at his second suspension of this postseason after this late blindside hit on Vegas’s Jonathan Marchessault last night. Marchessault left the game temporarily to be evaluated for a possible concussion but thankfully returned soon after. 

“I believe it was a good clean hit,” Wilson said after the game. “It’s playoff hockey, there’s going to be big hits, it’s a contact sport. You always have your reputation. When you play my physical style, you’re going to have that reputation. I trust myself. I play the game hard. It’s my job to bring that energy, that physicality. Right after he got up he said ‘good hit.’”

Marchessault didn’t sound so complimentary of the hit after the game, though. 

“I saw the hit. I remember everything,” he said. “It was a late hit. I don’t really need to talk more about it. I think the league will take care of it. We know what type of player he is out there. You gotta keep your head up and try to make the play. I didn't make the play, I was a little late, but whatever.”

Bits & Pieces

People were stranded on roller coasters for more than an hour after an amusement park in Ohio lost power. ... Snoop Dogg set a world record for mixing the world’s largest gin and juice. ... John Salley thinks Dennis Rodman deserves a lot of credit for ongoing talks with North Korea. ... A man in Massachusetts broke into a Dunkin’ Donuts by climbing through the drive-through window but turned around and climbed right back out.

Damn, how’d he get seats that close to the basketball ring?

Nerves of steel

Oh, you don’t want my help?

Not a bad spot to catch the game

The Capital One Arena tonight. from r/hockey

Just some gorgeous punts


Now that’s impressive

Nice trick from r/gifs

Also impressive

Just drink a glass of water

What you do when you live in Antarctica

A good song

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