1. We've periodically checked in on the ratings for ESPN's "Get Up" because the World Wide Leader launching a morning show is a big deal in the sports media world. Plus, it was a controversial move since it broke up the successful "Mike and Mike" radio show. And when a cast combines to make nearly $15 million, the pressure is on to perform better than the old "SportsCenters" that used to air in the same timeslot.

It's been well known that the show, hosted by Mike Greenberg, Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose, has struggled in finding an audience, but ESPN has preached patience and growth. However, based on the numbers for the last two weeks, the show is not growing at all and the patience has to be wearing thin. "Sporting News" reported earlier this month that if the show "doesn't jell" by the time the NFL season rolls around, there would be changes in front of and behind the camera.

Well, based on numbers for this week (without the NBA playoffs to drive viewership)

Mon: 271,000 viewers.
Tues: 231,000 viewers
Wed: 249,000 viewers.

Even the previous week, with the NBA Finals -- although far from compelling -- the show only managed to top 300,000 views once:

Mon: 302,000 viewers
Tues: 234,000 viewers
Wed: 275,000 viewers​
Thurs: 298,000 viewers​
Fri: 255,000 viewers

Are cast changes in order? Would ESPN risk making a move with two of their biggest names in Mike Greenberg and Michelle Beadle? Will the ratings dip even lower over the next couple of months or will the show get a boost from LeBron's free agency? If the cast stays intact by the start of the NFL season, they'll most likely remain together until after the Super Bowl, so the next six week or so should be very interesting.

(On a side note, last week's SI Media Podcast, with Michael McCarthy of the "Sporting News" and Austin Karp from "Sports Business Journal" went deep on "Get Up's" future. You can listen to it here or you can download it on iTunes.)

2. Speaking of the SI Media Podcast, the latest episode features "Sports Illustrated" senior writer, Lee Jenkins and "New York Post" media reporter, Andrew Marchand. 

Jenkins discusses the cover story he wrote for SI this week on Kevin Durant and shares insight into Durant’s unique personality. Jenkins, who broke the story of LeBron James returning to Cleveland in 2014, also weighs in on The Decision 3.0. Jenkins also takes you behind the scenes of what Durant and LeBron are like away from the court.Jenkins also talks about his writing process, how long it takes him to write a story, how competitive he is with other NBA writers and much more.

Marchand talks about a variety of sports media topics, including A-Rod taking over ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball telecast, how he expects FOX to fare broadcasting the World Cup and U.S. Open this week, Mike Francesa’s ratings after his first month back on WFAN and much more. Listen below or on iTunes.

3. Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright is disgusting. He has an ongoing prank war with former teammate, Skip Schumaker, who is now a Padres coach. The latest edition of their escapades saw Wainwright make some adjustments to Schumaker's clothes.

However, it was an old prank that Wainwright pulled which was truly repulsive. From St. Louis Baseball Weekly:

"My daughter Bailey was not even in pull-ups yet, still in baby diapers. For two weeks, I kept all the poop diapers she had in one bag. I brought them in to Spring Training and I just loaded up the back of his car all the way. Stuck them underneath all the seats -- nothing that you could see.”

Schumaker had the most obvious reaction to Wainwright's stunt: "It was probably the worst smell I’ve ever had in my life,”

4. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred tried to explain yesterday the league's position on getting the video of Terry Collins arguing with umpires in 2016 pulled off of Twitter.

It seems like Manfred is saying MLB is now fine with people uploading highlights to Twitter, but he's really not saying that, so be careful out there.

5. There are few sports images in recent years as the one featuring Dwyane Wade celebrating a LeBron James dunk while the King is still in mid-air.


And now someone has gotten that photo tattooed on his leg.

6. Popular Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy tried some fried grasshoppers on the air last night and his reaction was tremendous.

7. If you do one thing today, it should be listen to the SI Media Podcast. If you do two things today, it should be listen to the SI Media Podcast and then watch Jerry Seinfeld on a new edition of the always hilarious, "Between Two Ferns."

8. RANDOM "LOCAL NEWS GOES WRONG" VIDEO OF THE DAY: No big deal. Just a reporter about killing a kid who was just trying to skateboard.

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IN CLOSING: We are 84 days away from the start of the NFL season.