1. Earlier this month, Traina Thoughts detailed how ESPN's ratings for Sunday Night Baseball were down big this year despite the network turning over the broadcast to Alex Rodriguez. However, the World Wide Leader is still convinced that what America needs and wants is more A-Rod, despite A-Rod generating no buzz at all this year for his work in the booth.

Here is the beginning of a press release that ESPN sent out yesterday: "ESPN's First Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees Sunday Night Baseball Telecast of 2018 on July 1: 2009 World Series Champion Alex Rodriguez to Call His First Red Sox-Yankees Rivalry Game on Sunday Night Baseball."


But ESPN can't be stopped when it comes to making you suffer at the hands of Alex Rodriguez, because then this happened.

Now, this really isn't that big of a deal since nobody is forced to watch Get Up. (There's an easy line here about the show's viewership, but I'll take the high road.) However, Rodriguez's appearance on the morning show could be noteworthy because, despite ESPN and FOX Sports, where A-Rod is still a studio host, doing their best Sarah Huckabee Sanders to rewrite the truth and trying to make you believe something that's not believable, specifically that A-Rod is an altar boy who is beloved by fans -- most people do remember the truth and his past.

For example, here are two people who are very, very familar with what A-Rod is all about.


2. This week's SI Media Podcast features an interview with author, podcast host and ESPN historian James Andrew Miller. Topics covered on the podcast: What is the vibe in Bristol these days? Has the narrative that ESPN has a politics problem calmed down? What will ESPN do about Get Up? Was there any fallout from Adrian Wojnarowski's epic NBA draft night on Twitter? Why did Colin Cowherd re-up with FOX Sports? Are former refs in NFL booths really necessary? Did Tony Soprano die in The Sopranos series finale. You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes.

3. You will certainly look at Tom Brady in a different way when you see the comment he recently left on a Barstool Sports Instagram post.

4. Twenty years ago today -- June 28, 1998 -- this happened.

5. This was very well done by Richard Jefferson.

6. Just in case LeBron James doesn't see my tweets, I'm sure he's a daily Traina Thoughts reader, so I'd like to just leave this here.

7. RANDOM "HEATED INTERVIEW" VIDEO OF THE DAY: This will always be my favorite.

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IN CLOSING: Just a tip: Don't believe ANYTHING you hear about LeBron James until you hear it from LeBron James.