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By Dan Gartland
July 04, 2018

Be safe out there today

Jason Pierre-Paul, who famously had his right hand mangled in a fireworks accident on July 4, 2015, is warning people to be careful this Fourth. 

JPP shared three never before seen photos of his hand immediately after the incident, along with a message urging fans to be cautious when using fireworks this holiday. The photos show Pierr-Paul’s charred skin being held together by pins and strings, with large sections of exposed flesh. You can see the photos here, but be warned that they are extremely graphic

“It’s been 3yrs since my accident and I can truly say I'm very blessed and fortunate to be where I am in life,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “Looking at these pictures seems unreal and crazy. How your life can change in the blink of an eye. One of the greatest American traditions in celebrating 4th of July is with fireworks. Unfortunately, tomorrow someone will be injured playing with fireworks. We are celebrating the birthday of our great nation. I'm glad to still be alive to show you the outcome of what happened to me. Please don't feel sorry for me, trust me your boy fine even with missing fingers lol. Be safe out there otherwise, this can be you.”

After seeing the photos, I’m frankly amazed that JPP still has a mostly functional right hand, let alone the ability to play football at a high level.

The hot dog eating contest is serious business

America’s most nauseating Fourth of July sporting tradition is the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, held every year at Coney Island. But did you know the contest regularly attracts upwards of $1 million in bets at offshore sports books?

As ESPN’s David Purdum explains, Vegas casinos can’t offer wagers on the hot dog contest so overseas bookmakers fill in the gaps. The volume of wagering is comprable to people betting on the length of the Super Bowl national anthem, one book manager told ESPN. 

This year’s favorite is Joey Chestnut, yet again. The over/under for hot dogs eaten by the winner is 70.5, below Chestnut’s record of 72. 

Who the hell is this guy?

Max Muncy has never hit more than 25 homers in a season, which he did in his second pro season in 2013 in 140 games split between A ball and Double A. He had five homers in 96 MLB games with the A’s in 2015 and 2016. Now he has 20 in 63 games for the Dodgers this year, including 18 in the last 46 days

Bits & Pieces

Zimbabwe’s rugby team was forced to sleep on the street before a World Cup qualifier in Tunisia. ... Some pranksters in Australia carved a giant penis into a dry lake bed, which is clearly visible on Google Earth. ... An academic study has concluded that your phone isn’t actually listening to you. ... Someone dumped a bag full of “20 pounds of human waste” on a street corner in San Francisco. ... Another guy in San Francisco called the cops because he saw someone eating a burrito on the train. ... I don’t want to spoil it but you really should watch this Scott Van Pelt clip (password is “svp”). ... A housekeeper for celebrity chef Sandra Lee and her husband, New York governor Andrew Cuomo, was hospitalized after being bitten by Lee’s cockatoo. ... Veteran outfielder Colby Rasmus is retiring in the middle of the season for the second year in a row.

Finally, the secret to LeBron’s fitness is revealed

Counterpoint: Nothing is more American than not knowing other countries have red, white and blue flags with stars

Stars and bars are on the gridiron

For those of you squeezing onto planes this holiday

A truly wild Twitter thread

Watch out for Andy Murray

This is a nightmare

Out-of-this-world hops

Hmm, this actually seems pretty awesome

Bob Esponja

I’m disappointed to learn that the Spanish translation of Spongebog Squarepants does not reference the shape of his pants. 

Joey Bats is still beloved in Toronto

I’m gonna puke

Man, how’d he do that?

A good song

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