Friday’s Hot Clicks: Celtics Rookie Robert Williams Lost His Wallet Twice in a Two-Day Span

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Welcome to the real world


The narrative plaguing Celtics first-round pick Robert Williams has been that he’s immature or perhaps irresponsible. Boston was forced to reschedule his introductory conference call with the media the day after the draft because he overslept. He also missed the team’s first summer league practice because he missed his flight to Las Vegas. At least now there might be an explanation for why he missed that flight. He lost his wallet. 

Actually, Williams lost his wallet for the second time in two days.

As chronicled, Williams first left his wallet in his Boston hotel room while attending a charity event before he caught his flight back to Texas. (It was retrieved by a team staffer and Williams got home just fine.) But then Williams had another flight back to Boston one day later. He also did not have his wallet. D.J. Hogg, his former Texas A&M teammate, had the wallet but Hogg was all the way in Dallas, about three hours away. 

"I was like, 'Yo bro, I can't get my wallet. D.J., send me my wallet,'" Williams said.

But Williams said Hogg told him overnight shipping was too expensive.

"I was like 'Bro, you have money bro,'" Williams said. "But he just brought it out here (to Las Vegas)."

Without the wallet—and, most importantly, his ID—Williams was stressed about whether he’d be able to get on his plane back to Boston for practice. It turns out you can get on a domestic flight without a photo ID, as long as your personal information can be cross-checked against public databases (or, I suppose, if you show the TSA a photo of yourself at a press conference with Danny Ainge and say, “See, I’m Robert Williams”).

"It was like almost morning, close to the flight, just getting everything ready, putting everything by the door, and I'm like '(Expletive), I ain't got my ID,'" Williams told MassLive. "I'm like, 'Cool, they'll let me through.' I kept telling myself that. And then a couple of my homeboys was like 'Bro, like, that (expletive) is gonna be tough. They're not gonna just let you through.' But I got through."

He did not get through, however, in time for his flight, and so he missed practice. 

Hopefully Williams had more money in his wallet than Donte DiVincenzo

Ben McAdoo goes on the offensive (for once)


Former Giants head coach Ben McAdoo (aka Da Windbreaker Gawd) gave his first interview since he was fired in December, and it’s a doozy

Speaking with the New York Post, McAdoo took a flamethrower to a variety of subjects. 

“I think Philly, how much success has Philly had?” McAdoo said. “I think they’re gonna have a hard time handling success. Dallas, I like their offensive line, but how long have we been saying that? Their defense, they got a bunch of young guys playing DB, Sean Lee is banged up a lot, and their D-line, they got a bunch of guys getting in trouble all the time. And Washington is Washington, right?”

He also said of Nate Solder, the Giants’ big free-agent signing, “I don’t think he’s a very good player.” Solder will replace Ereck Flowers at left tackle, while Flowers moves to the right side. Does McAdoo think Flowers will suddenly improve by moving to the other side of the line? Hell no. 

“He can’t bend, you got to be able to bend,” McAdoo said. “You can run around him on that side just like you can on the other side, Eli just gets to see it, which may help Eli. It’s not the blind side, it’s in his vision, so if he’s comfortable with what’s going on over on the left side, it can help him move in the pocket a little bit better.”

McAdoo is hoping to get another coaching job in 2019. So if you want a coach who will buy up your entire city’s supply of hair gel and talk a bunch of smack after you fire him, he’s your guy.

Manny isn’t Manny anymore

It’s a slow news day so I just want to share something that came to my attention yesterday: Manny Ramirez is bald. Like, cue ball bald. 

The dreadlocks were Manny’s trademark for so long that it’s obviously shocking to see him go with the Mr. Clean look, but I have to respect it. His hairline was not looking great before he decided to throw in the towel.

It looks like he finally took the plunge back in March. 

Give him credit. He could have gone the Ronaldinho route and covered up the receding hairline, but he opted to own it. 

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