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By Dan Gartland
July 17, 2018

How much do you know about the MLB All-Star Game?


I’ll be honest: I knew there was absolutely no way I’d find something to lead Hot Clicks with on one of the most dead mornings on the sports calendar. That’s why I was proactive and made this All-Star Game trivia quiz. Let me know if you like the concept and I’ll do more stuff like this in the future. 

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Nothing short of heroism

Saints defensive end Mitchell Loewen sprung into action this weekend when a man’s car fell off the fourth floor of a parking garage. 

Loewen, who was eating brunch with his wife and son when he heard the crash, led a group of bystanders in flipping the car back upright and stayed by the side of the man inside while waiting for paramedics to arrive. 

“There were a bunch of people standing around, but not approaching the car and I was like ‘What’s up, let’s help this guy,’” Loewen told The Times-Picayune. "I mean, obviously there was someone in there, I wasn't going to just stand by and watch. It was a life or death situation.”

Paramedics arrived and pulled the man from the car. The unidentified victim is expected to survive, according to New Orleans police. 

“It was unreal that I was there at that moment to help out and to lead others to help out as well—and others being willing to help out—because I definitely couldn’t have done that by myself. That was no act of solely me,” Loewen told ESPN. “That was a lot of grown men working together for one purpose: to save one man that no one knew at the moment. We had no interest in this man's life except to save it.”

I hope he stuck it out

I have to admit I was also not terribly excited for the Home Run Derby last night. After all, last year’s version had way more star power—this year’s had two guys (Jesus Aguilar and Max Muncy) that most fans probably haven’t heard of. But I should have known Bryce Harper would save the day. 

Watching Harper come from behind to beat Kyle Schwarber in front of his home fans was a real thrill. The fact that his dad struggled to throw strikes in the final round added a layer of drama we’ve never seen before. 

I think the only people not happy with the outcome were Cubs fans who take the competition way too seriously. 

Bits & Pieces

Shaq was DJ’ing in D.C. this weekend and started a “Barkley sucks” chant. ... Shaq also ate a 40 oz. steak during another DJ gig in Atlantic City. ... Whoopsie daisy: Federal agents in Texas lost track of some plutonium. ... A Subway employee had the tough tasking of breaking the news to a vegan that mayo is made of eggs

Rhys Hoskins got his teammate to dogsit during the derby


Wot in tarnation


G-Unit (the G is for ginger)

Look at this big boy

Look at this even bigger boy

Golf fans will appreciate this

Would you trust these shoes with your life?

The only thing stupider than running with the bulls in Spain is probably running with the bulls while wearing dress shoes. Or maybe not. 

A company called Wolf & Shepherd makes dress shoes it says are as comfortable as running shoes. (Back in 2016, a runner won a half marathon while wearing the shoes.) The company’s founder, Justin Schneider, put his money where his mouth is recently in Pamplona and laced up the shoes for the running of the bulls. He appears to have escaped unscathed. 

I had no idea the Men In Black cartoon theme song was such a banger


The first Stranger Things Season 3 promo is here and I don’t know what to make of it

A good song

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