Thursday’s Hot Clicks: C.J. McCollum Insists There’s No Beef With KD After Beefing With KD

So now we have podcast beef in the NBA?
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At least he’s not hiding behind a burner this time

The amazing thing about the NBA is how it manages to stay at the forefront during the deadest of dead periods.

Kevin Durant went on C.J. McCollum’s podcast last week, which went largely unnoticed until this week, when a clip of him mocking McCollum for being miffed about the DeMarcus Cousins signing went viral. The clip sounds like some good-natured ribbing, with Durant also taunting McCollum by saying that the Blazers will never win a title as long as he’s around. Durant is complimentary of McCollum and Damian Lillard while making sure McCollum realizes the Warriors are still the most dominant team in the West.

But then McCollum stoked the flames with this reply to a tweet by Barstool Sports’s Dan Katz.

Provoking Kevin Durant on social media is as bad an idea as trying to guard him one-on-one. Durant is especially tired of everyone still criticizing him for signing with the Warriors, so you know he couldn’t help but fire back at McCollum.

Durant was clearly upset by the comment but McCollum insisted in a follow-up tweet (with some workout photos???) that everything is cool between them.

I don’t think Durant is going to hold a grudge against McCollum over a single tweet, he’s just still sensitive about all the hate he gets for joining a surefire championship squad. He and McCollum must be friendly if KD taped almost two hours worth of podcasts with him. He just might not be a returning guest.

I can’t believe this actually worked

How many times have you seen a fan in the stands try to fake out a fielder by calling “I got it!”? How many times have you actually seen it work?

The look on Steve Pearce’s face when he realizes he just got played is absolutely priceless. It’s probably the same reaction he had when the game was called on account of rain, wiping out the 5–0 lead the Red Sox had built.

I don’t think there’s a better way to celebrate a milestone goal

Red Bulls striker Bradley Wright-Phillips wears No. 99. He also entered last night’s game with 99 goals. So when BWP beat the D.C. United goalie with a clever finish in the second minute and became the fastest in MLS history to score 100 goals, he ripped off his jersey to reveal a new one with No. 100. He got a yellow card for the celebration, but it was definitely worth it.

Bits & Pieces

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