Monday’s Hot Clicks: Kid Shows No Fear by Doing Arrow Celebration Right in LeBron’s Face

He’ll be telling this story for the rest of his life.
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Major huevos


Imagine this scenario: You’re 13 years old and playing basketball in the same room as LeBron James. You hit a deep three while standing right next to the best player in the world. What do you do?

If you’re this kid playing an AAU game against LeBron’s son Bronny’s AAU team yesterday in Las Vegas, you hit LeBron with the pantomime arrow celebration right in his face. 

That kid probably won’t ever play in the NBA, but he’ll be telling that story for the rest of his life. 

Check out the moves on this guy

Friday night’s Astros game was disrupted by a guy—wearing American flag underwear—who ran on the field and broke the security guards’ ankles. 

The still photos are even better.


Holy crap

The Arena Football League has fallen on hard times, shrinking down to just four teams. That means every team qualified for the playoffs this year—even the 2–10 Washington Valor. Well, they messed around and won the whole thing

Bits & Pieces

A mysterious odor sickened as many as 10 people and forced a plane to make an emergency landing. ... Adam Greenberg, the former Cubs player who spent seven years in the minors after getting hit in the head in his first MLB at-bat, is running for public office in his hometown. ... Robert Griffin III’s Texas home is on the market for just $2.6 million, a bargan when you consider it has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms. 

Never change, Dirk

Giannis is quickly turning into the most muscled player in the NBA

His parents knew what they were doing

The only recognizable member of the Marlins organization

All hail Zlatan

This will end well and is definitely not the plot of several horror films

(If you want a really good TV show about this sort of scenario, I can’t recommend Fortitude enough. It’s available on Amazon Prime.)

Just going for a dip at the train station

The train station in Uppsala, the fourth-largest city in Sweden, flooded when heavy rains drenched the area. Some residents didn’t seem to mind it, though .

This is a spot-on impression

Hurling is extremely badass

The three best defensive centerfielders in baseball all play in the AL East

The dip on this free kick is absurd

Who put up a better fight?


Look at that dog go

The only reason we have a GoPro... from r/Zoomies

I love these Vanity Fair videos

A good song

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