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Friday’s Hot Clicks: Kid in Tom Brady Jersey Doesn’t Realize He’s Getting Tom Brady’s Autograph

“Who’s that?”

No big deal, it’s just the most accomplished player in the NFL

This adorable kid had the good fortune of being on the field before last night’s Patriots-Giants game to get a few autographs. When some tall guy with brown hair and a dimpled chin approached, the kid had no idea who he was. Although, once he was told the guy was the player whose jersey he was wearing, the kid broke into a big grin. 

He must have seen a man in a hoodie with the sleeves cut off and thought Bill Belichick looks 20 years younger in person. 

No shoe, no problem

Coming from behind to win a world-level race is hard enough when you’re wearing two shoes. Kenyan Conseslus Kipruto lost his left shoe with five laps to run during the steeplechase at the Diamond League event in Zurich last night, just 1:30 into the race. Unbothered he ran the rest of the race on just one shoe and won with a time of 8:10.15. His left foot did pay quite a price, though. 

Drake has a halftime show?

The presentation of Drake’s new tour sounds ridiculous, complete with a floating Ferrari and the kind of half-court challenge you usually see in the middle of a college basketball game. From Vulture’s review of his gig at the Garden earlier this week:

His stage isn’t just a stage, it’s a piece of multimedia art resembling the work of Kanye collaborator Es Devlin. It is at once a light box and a gargantuan projector on which images of mermaids circling around Drake like sharks are shown. Its ever-shifting designs become a visual feast for the duration of the show, so that when Drake occasionally lags, there’s something else to watch. During “Yes Indeed,” a Ferrari randomly floats about the crowd seemingly for no other purpose than it just looks cool. Midway through the show, laser beams from above etch a full basketball court into the stage on which Drake invites a fan at each show to attempt a lucky half-court shot for $25,000.

Well, last night at the Barclays Center, the fan actually made the shot.

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A foolproof plan

“Hey man, wanna check out my mixtape?”

That’s a bad pick even if he was playing

Yes, this is really happening

Usain Bolt made his professional soccer debut today with an Australian club. His presence attracted nearly 10,000 fans for a friendly against an amateur team. 

Is it a good thing when you let the quarterback go untouched 86 yards?

How diabolical is Bill Belichick to bust out the zone read in the fourth quarter of a preseason game? We’ll never see this play again as long as Tom Brady is around. 

Baker Mayfield makes his presence known in the Heisman House

Jeff Goldblum on Hot Ones

A good song

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