Best trade of the baseball season.

By Dan Gartland
September 18, 2018

Best trade of the baseball season

Brewers outfielder (and MVP frontrunner?) Christian Yelich made history last night as only the third player to hit for the cycle twice in the same season, and he’s going home with a piece of that history thanks to a deal he pulled off with a kid in the stands. 

A kid named Michael Richter was sitting in the rightfield corner, where Yelich’s fifth-inning homer landed, and had an usher flip him the ball after it landed in the aisle. That was Yelich’s third hit of the game and his 31st homer of the season. An inning later, though, when Yelich hit a triple to complete the cycle, the ball became a little more significant. 

Yelich wanted that ball, so he pulled off a trade with Michael in the clubhouse after the game. Yelich got the ball and Michael got to meet the Brewers’ star player, plus a signed bat. 

Michael was clearly floored by the experience and now he’s got something to remember it by. 

Mike Zimmer has had it up to here with his crappy kickers

Asked what his reason for cutting rookie kicker Daniel Carlson was, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer responded with another question: “Did you see the game?”

It’s a ruthless answer but this is a team with Super Bowl aspirations that was just denied a win by a series of misses that 90% of kickers would have made.

Was North Texas the last school to pull off that cool trick play?

Sadly, it makes total sense that the NCAA would consider banning that slick trick play North Texas ran against Arkansas. The play is as dangerous as it is awesome. UNT ran it perfectly, but the return man could have easily been hit out of his shoes by a more alert gunner. 

Bits & Pieces

The Patriots traded for Josh Gordon because of course they did. ... The Browns are breaking out their all-brown Color Rush uniforms for the first time next Thursday against the Jets. ... Coca Cola, the original cocaine-infused beverage, is looking to get into the burgeoning marijuana-infused beverage business. ... Milwaukee is getting a new indie league team and I love how simple the name and logo are. ... Here’s the latest thing that Elon Musk says he’s going to do but is far enough that people will forget about it if it doesn’t happen. ... A California man posted an entire Marvel movie to Facebook, which was viewed over six million times, and he thought he wouldn’t go to jail.

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