Taco Bell leaves you “on the toilet all night,” Holt said. Which, fair. 

By Dan Gartland
October 25, 2018

Brock Holt has a point

Bob Levey/Getty Images

I had Taco Bell for the first time in my life last winter, and it left me with full-blown food poisoning. I didn’t just have the type of upset stomach that people associate with low-quality Mexican-American fast food. I had total projectile-vomit food poisoning. So I can get behind what Red Sox utilityman Brock Holt had to say after teammate Mookie Betts stole a base to trigger Taco Bell’s “steal a base, steal a taco” promotion

Holt’s comments did not sit well with USA Today’s Ted Berg, who asked Holt if Taco Bell or any Taco Bell-affiliated persons had taken issue with the criticism.

“I’m sorry, Taco Bell,” Holt said. “I mean, that’s just my opinion. I’m sure a lot of other people love it. I’m sure if I had Twitter I would hear something, but I deleted Twitter last year. I don’t know if Taco Bell has an Instagram but they haven’t messaged me or tagged me.”

Taco Bell might not have said anything, but MLB can’t be happy about Holt denigrating one of its sponsors. Funnily enough, this isn’t the only time something like this has happened. Back in 2011, then-Padres outfielder Cameron Maybin issued a warning about Panda Express similar to Holt’s.

“Never eat Panda Express,” Maybin tweeted. “S---’s had me feeling awful for 2 days.”

The CEO of Panda Express, it turned out, owned a stake in the Padres

You can get your free taco, if you dare, on Nov. 1 between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Just don’t go to the location in Manhattan at 97th and Lexington. 

Steph Curry went off for 51 points in 32 minutes

I feel like we sometimes forget how explosive Stephen Curry can be. He scored 51 in last night’s blowout win over the Wizards, his sixth career 50-point game—and he sat out the entire fourth quarter. 

Do nut damage

Do. Nut. Damage. 

Bits & Pieces

ESPN had two good hockey(!) pieces I saw yesterday: an enlightening roundtable with several top players and a story on the time Sarah Palin got the Blues’ goalie injured. ... A German soccer player chomped off a pretty big piece of his opponent’s nose. ... 30 Rock fans will appreciate this history of “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.” ... NHL veteran Brian Boyle announced that his cancer is in remission. ... A Utah state senator traveled to Las Vegas to eat weed gummies, but only to better serve his constituents

Andrew Benintendi got all the way up

He’s the new Jumpman logo. 

This ball had eyes

Two rainbows, two days in a row

Lamar, that’s not how you reset your password

No one beats Texas Tech at meat judging

The accompanying story contains wonderful passages like this:

Emma Mortensen, a junior from Brush, Colorado, finished fourth overall on the strength of a first-place finish in specifications while taking second in overall beef. She also finished fourth in beef grading and lamb judging.

Have you seen this man?

Police in England are looking for this man, who made off from a restaurant with what looks like a bunch of beer. Does he look familiar? Everyone seems to agree that he’s a spitting image of David Schwimmer. Schwimmer, though, insists he’s innocent. 

This guy is the new Rebecca Black

My favorite man on the street interview ever

Chris Bosh returns to Miami

You have to love Zlatan

A good song

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