“It’s everything I dreamed of.”

By Dan Gartland
November 02, 2018

“It’s everything I dreamed of”

NFL Network

Leave it to an undrafted third-string quarterback to make a matchup of one-win teams one of the most interesting NFL games of the season.

The Niners-Raiders was being hyped as possibly the worst prime-time NFL game ever and it probably would have been—if a quarterback seeing his first NFL action hadn’t stunned everyone by playing a flawless game. 

Nick Mullens was 16 of 22 passing for 262 yards and three touchdowns. His passer rating was 151.9, the best for a debut since 1970. His performance was so impressive—and so unexpected—that Twitter verified his account in the middle of the game.

After leading the Niners to a 34-3 win, he (understandably) struggled to contain his emotions during an interview with Erin Andrews. Before even answering the first question from Andrews, Mullens had to pause to compose himself. 

Andrews went on to say, “I was told you’re a calm, cool and collected guy, but it looks like you’re getting emotional.” While Mullens wasn’t so collected during his interview with Andrews, he was cool as a cucumber when fellow Southern Miss alum Brett Favre called to congratulate him. 

The video above won’t play on this site because the NFL is the least fan-friendly league in the United States, but I promise it’s worth opening in a new tab to watch. It’s awesome to see just how much this meant to Mullens. Throughout the interviews, both with Andrews and with the postgame crew, he says repeatedly, “I love football.” In any other situation it would come off as a cliché, but in Mullens’s case you know he’s 100% sincere.

All hell breaks loose at Scottish soccer game

Soccer games in Europe can be a raucous affair, as this match in Scotland proved. 

First, a goalkeeper got punched in the face when he went to retreive the ball near the stands. 

Then, a coach got plunked in the face by a coin. 

“I hope someone deals with it and I hope to meet the guy face to face,” the coach said later.

Two seconds, two goals

The Canadiens set a new NHL record last night by scoring two goals just two seconds apart, breaking the previous record of three seconds. 

The best of SI

Legendary SI NFL writer Paul “Dr. Z” Zimmerman was before my time but there’s no doubting he was the best. ... A New Mexico linebacker got suspended after he put his teammate in the hospital. ... Andy Staples says Maryland should go outside the box and hire Navy’s coach to replace D.J. Durkin.

Who wants free stuff?

This is a huge, huge weekend for college football—No. 6 Georgia vs. No. 9 Kentucky, No. 13 West Virginia vs. No. 17 Texas, No. 14 Penn State vs. No. 5 Michigan and, of course, No. 3 LSU vs. No. 1 Alabama—so what better time to give away a sweet tailgate prize pack?

It includes:

• A guacamole variey pack from Wholly Guacamole (America’s #1 refrigerated guacamole brand)

• An assortment of snacks from Harley Morenstein’s Super Snack Time, including Pizza In A Bag jerky and Mac & Cheese In A Box, plus Bacon In A Bottle seasoning

• An assortment of condiments from Hong Kong-based Lee Kum Kee, including sriracha mayo, sriracha chili sauce, hoisin sauce and more

• A $25 gift card to Walmart to cover any other tailgate essentials

We’re giving away three of these packages. To win, send me an email (dan.gartland@simail.com) telling me which of the four games I listed above you’re most looking forward to and who you think will win. You must use the subject line “tailgate giveaway” so that I can keep it all straight. The 10th, 20th and 30th people to email me will win. (Update: Congrats to Craig, Ty and Steve on winning!)

Around the sports world

Hue Jackson gave an interview to Cleveland.com where he basically said the Browns’ struggles were none of his fault. ... The footage from former UFC fighter Stephan Bonnar’s DUI arrest is downright scary. ... A 49ers cheerleader took a knee during the national anthem. ... Niners running back Raheem Mostert suffered a nasty broken arm

The (second) worst hit Chris Simms ever got

Check out this deadly precision

Nice moment for Patrik Laine, netting a hat trick in his home country

The crazy thing is, that’s a longboard

Protect Russell Westbrook at all costs

Akron! Northern Illinois! Feel the excitement!

Coach O is the best

Nick Saban is ready for tomorrow night

Not sports

The Red Hot Chili Peppers did a surprise concert at a California high school. ... The new season of Game of Thrones has what its creators are calling a new genre of action scene

Well that was a bad idea

Hunting sounds like fun

This has to be the most coolest house in the neighborhood

A good song 

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