Dwight thought he was Tim Duncan.

By Dan Gartland
November 07, 2018

Dwight thought he was Tim Duncan

Katherine Frey/The Washington Post via Getty Images

At one point, Dwight Howard was one of the most dominant players in the NBA. His supreme athleticism and freakish muscle mass made him nearly unstoppable around the basket on either side of the floor. But he was never much of a shooter. His career free-throw shooting percentage is 56.6%.

As the NBA has moved away from the interior game that Howard made his name on, he has tried to reinvent himself in the mold of the modern NBA big man. Before last season, Howard said he was going to add a three-point shot to his game (he went 1-for-7 from deep that season). This summer, he was spotted practicing pull-up threes.

That brings us to last night, when Howard decided to take this shot. 

I think Patrick Ewing can accurately speak for every NBA fan in this case. 

As Dwight’s shot chart from last season shows, he has practiced that shot—he’s just not very good at it. 

Dwight actually didn’t have a terrible game last night. He scored only eight points but added 11 rebounds. But if the Wizards want to reverse their fortunes after this 2-8 start, it’s probably a good idea to let John Wall and Brad Beal start taking the perimeter shots.

The chicken finger woman is up to her old tricks

Remember this woman, Alexa Greenfield, who dipped her chicken in a soda at the U.S. Open and later told me it was because she was hungover? Well here she is again, doing what she does best at a Knicks game. Alexa told me she posted a clip on Instagram early in the game and a cameraman found her later on in the night to put her up on the big screen. 

She’s really trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame by dipping chicken fingers in soda at sporting events around the New York area and posting it to the Instagram page you see above. She’s even going to start selling a cola-flavored dipping sauce soon. 

Major props to Andrew Jones

Texas’s Andrew Jones, who completed eight months of chemotherapy in August, scored a bucket in his first game back with the team. 

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Hero springs into action

A good song

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