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Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: An Interview With the Woman Who Dunked Her Chicken Tenders in Soda

“I was hungover... I was just in, like, an ‘I don’t give a f---’ mode.”

The chicken finger dipper explains herself

The biggest story online Monday was the woman at the U.S. Open who took a chicken finger and dunked it in a soda

Well, she reached out to me to identify herself (she’s 26-year-old Alexa Greenfield, @alexajee on Instagram) and I figured we should talk for a couple of minutes to let her explain her motivations. 

Dan Gartland: I guess the first thing I want to know is how you learned to do this?

Alexa Greenfield: My dad taught me. He had me doing it when I was really, really young. His reasoning was to cool them off. I don’t even know if that was really why he was having me do it. I can’t remember not doing it, literally. 

DG: Did anybody else in your family pick it up?

AG: Some of them tried it because they would see it so often that they would be like, “What the hell are you doing?” No one really picked it up. And also, definitely no one brought it into adulthood. 

DG: Would you try it with other fried foods like french fries or onion rings? 

AG: I think one of my nieces did fries for a year or so. I didn’t do fries. 

DG: Is it always Coke or could it be Sprite or Dr. Pepper?

AG: No, it has to be a regular coke—not even diet.

DG: My biggest concern, though—you’ve got this greasy chicken, you’ve got this ice-cold soda. Does it ruin the soda at all?

AG: That’s one of the primary questions I’ve been asked. I don’t drink the soda because, yes, it gets greasy. That’s too gross for me. 

DG: Alright, that’s insane to me. Because a soda at the U.S. Open probably costs seven or eight bucks and it’s just a dipping sauce?

AG: That’s a good point. I don’t like that angle. Listen, it’s not something I do often anymore. I was more just messing with [my nephews]. I was hungover. I was like listen guys, this is gross, watch me do it, haha. It’s not that common, but maybe like once or twice a year.

DG: This is an important detail. You were hungover? Do you recommend this as a hangover cure?

AG: No, I was just in, like, an “I don’t give a f---” mode. I was like, I’m doing this. I didn’t think I was being seen! My sister was going to get [my nephews’] food, so I was trying to do it quickly before she came back. And this camera guy catches me. 

DG: It could have been worse. It could have been like George Constanza with the ice cream.

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AG: It’s funny that it’s also the U.S. Open. A comedian wrote that for a sitcom and this just happened to me in real life. And the reason my friends are dying is that I’m such a weird eater in general. I just have such weird eating habits that they’re like, “Finally, everyone understands.”

DG: Would this be the weirdest eating habit you have?

AG: Yes, this is definitely the gross one. 

DG: What’s the runner-up?

AG: There’s nothing that’s as astonishing. I just experiment with chocolate a lot. I put it on a lot of different things. I eat like a child. I’m 26 and I eat like chicken fingers and pasta pretty much every single day. The runner-up is that I eat like a picky 2-year-old.

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