Friday’s Hot Clicks: Capitals Fan Taunts Literal Penguins in Antarctica

The ones at the bottom of the world may not know about their rivalry with the Capitals.
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Take that, Penguins


The Penguins play in Pittsburgh but their natural habitat is Antarctica and while the ones at the bottom of the world may not know about their rivalry with the Capitals, one Washington fan decided to pay them a visit anyway. 

Sampson Coe is a 29-year-old Northern Virginia man currently traveling with his wife, Lorelei, to all seven continents. Their most recent stop was Antarctica, where Coe encountered the dreaded black and white birds and decided to show them who’s boss by posing proudly with his 2018 Stanley Cup champions T-shirt. 

“Travelled all the way to Antarctica just to remind the penguins in person that we got the cup!” Coe wrote on Facebook.

“[We] had to pack light given the amount of ground we’re covering (one backpack each), so I only have a few T-shirts in the rotation,” Coe told the Washington Post. “I made damn sure that the Caps and Nats were represented.”

Coe’s D.C. sports gear has also made appearances at the top of Machu Pichu and in Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flats. He told the Post that he’ll be in Malawi this spring when the Caps (hopefully) attempt to defend their Stanley Cup title but he’ll try to find some way to watch the games.

Matt Patricia inherited Bill Belichick’s tough guy act

Temperatures in Detroit will hover around the freezing mark on Sunday when the Lions play the Panthers, but they have a roof on their stadium. So then why did Matt Patricia have his team practice outside in the snow yesterday? No good reason, except it allowed Patricia to go outside in shorts and show everyone how little he cares about the cold. I bet his players loved that. 

The best of SI

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Around the sports world

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Diego Maradona does not give a damn

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The other bad news is that unranked UConn knocked off Cuse.

I would wear this if I were a Nats fan


Not sports

The president of Iceland has apologized for his strong stance against Pineapple pizza. ... The man in charge of Japan’s cyber-security admitted he’s never used a computer. ... A lawyer defending an accused murderer invoked Steph Curry and Kevin Durant in his defense.

I think this is Mike Trout’s brother

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This is serial killer behavior

A good song

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