After a literal fist fight on Monday, Thursday’s practice was a lot more adorable.

By Dan Gartland
December 14, 2018

This Air Bud sequel rocks

Here’s what Blues practice looked like on Monday. 

And here’s how it went down on Thursday. 

What a difference a few days can make. 

And it was all for a good cause, too! The dog’s name is Barclay and he’s going to be hanging out with the Blues around the office and at home games all season long in an effort to help him feel comfortable around lots of people. That’s because Barclay will eventually be training to be a service dog for a child with autism. The Rangers are doing the same thing with a dog named Ranger. 

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👀 always on the ⚫️ right Chris? #NYRPupOnAPath #NYR

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Barclay, who was born in September, will be with the Blues for 12 to 18 months before going off for service dog training. In the meantime, you can follow him on Instagram.

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Dis my puck #stlblues

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Are you kidding me?

There are better goalies in the NHL but I don’t think anyone makes more absurdly acrobatic saves than Andrei Vasilevskiy of the Lightning. 

Here are two saves he made in the same month last season.

The best of SI

Kyler Murray has a big payday waiting for him in baseball, but NFL evaluators are hoping—and betting—he plays football. ... The newest trend in baseball is hiring young, inexperienced managers. ... College hoops prospects don’t just want to top recruiting lists, they also want to have the most popular online mixtapes

Around the sports world

ESPN investigated concession stands at every major stadium in North America and the results are not great. ... Former NFL ref Ed Hochuli said their were several hits per game where he was shocked players got up afterwards. ... A Villanova basketball player claimed his Instagram was hacked after he posted a complaint about his playing time, but then admitted it was him and apologized.

Change the rules to make this count!

This is way cooler than a ball getting stuck on the rim

No days off for Jerry Dipoto

A shorts suit in December?

Sterling Shepard goes undercover in a retail job

One cool wrinkle: He goes by the name “Derrick,” his late father’s name. 

Awesome promo for the NBA Christmas slate

Not sports

Or maybe this is sports: Police in Hawaii arrested a man whose legal first name is Super Bowl. ... Taylor Swift’s security team used secret facial recognition software to make sure there weren’t any stalkers at her show. ... KFC is selling a firestarter log that smells like fried chicken. ... A contestant won a winter trip to Winnipeg on The Price Is Right and even Canadians can’t believe it.

Christmas came early for these people

People in Pennsylvania are really upset their local Dunkin Donuts is closed

This guy is going to smell like Chinese food for the rest of his life

Police say the man was unable to free himself because he was covered in grease and the walls of the vent were too smooth.

An expert guesses which beer is more expensive

A good song

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