Things could always be worse, even for the Knicks.

By Dan Gartland
December 20, 2018

Things could always be worse, even for the Knicks

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If you had to come up with a metaphor for the last six Knicks seasons, falling in frozen dog poop would be a pretty good one. Actually, that happened to coach David Fizdale for real. 

Fizdale appeared on MSG Network’s “Conference Room B” on Monday and explained how his unfamiliarity with Northeastern weather led to him laying on his back in his dogs’ mess on a frozen lawn. 

A transcription of the key bit, via Deadspin:

“So I’m laying on the grass—I told this story to the team just to kinda give them a laugh and a boost—I’m laying in dog poop and pee in the yard, in ice, and I’m bleeding, and I just start laughing, on my back. Welcome to New York City, and get your butt up. And so that was the message to the team, is, ‘hey, we’re getting punched, and that’s okay, you young dudes, we’re all gonna go through this together, but we’re gonna get up together.’”

The Knicks haven’t won a game in regulation since Nov. 25. So yeah, that’s pretty crappy. 

“Hold those bears!”

What’s the worst-case scenario on Teddy Bear Toss night? A stick save like the one Coventry Blaze goalie Miroslav Kopriva made. 

The tradition, if you’re not familiar, calls for fans to rain plush toys down on the ice after the home team’s first goal. The Sheffield Steelers appeared to have given the fans the green light to begin tossing when the red light went on after Jonas Westerling’s shot. But not so fast! Kopriva flat-out robbed him. 

What a way to lose a game (and make gamblers hate you)

The worst time to give an opponent free points is in a tie game with five seconds to play. Just ask Duquesne’s Keith Dambrot, who gave Penn State four free points by picking up two technical fouls in the closing seconds. Those shots, paired with the two the Nittany Lions were already shooting (for the foul Dambrot was so upset about in the first place) put the game out of reach. 

Even worse, Penn State was favored by 5.5 points in the game. Without those four extra shots, the Dukes would have covered. Even worse than that, the over-under was 138 and those four extra points pushed the total to 140. I sincerely hope no one reading this actually bet on a Penn State-Duquesne game on a Wednesday, but I understand why you’re mad if you did. 

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