The Tar Heels top the charts when it comes to the best named recruits from signing day.

By Emily Caron
December 19, 2018

National Signing Day is upon us for 2019's top recruits which means commitments from many players to programs across the country–but more importantly, it means a list of the best names from signing day.

The No. 1 all-purpose back in the nation, Sean Dollars, is a top-ranked recruit, an Oregon commit and a top prospect in the name game. 

Cornerback Storm Duck came in a close second. When Duck committed to Carolina on Wednesday, the Tar Heels announced his decision with a literal storm cloud and duck emoji. Epic.

Wide receiver Welton Spottsville and safety Giovanni Biggers, two more strong name contenders, also committed to North Carolina. They both sound like names straight from a movie script.

Linebacker Traevon Freshwater, an East Carolina commit, rounds out the top five with his snappy last name. Although the state of North Carolina seems to have the name game on lock, there are a few other names worthy of mention who made our top-10.

1. Sean Dollars (RB, Oregon)

2. Storm Duck (CB, UNC)

3. Welton Spottsville (WR, UNC)

4. Giovanni Biggers (S, UNC)

5. Traevon Freshwater (LB, ECU)

6. Christian Archangel (DB, Louisiana Tech)

7. Quavaris Crouch (Clemson/Tennessee)

8. Demetrius Wigfall (WR, Uncommitted)

9. Ormondell Dingle (DB, Central Michigan)

10. Viramontes Pippens (DT, Texas Southern)

Wigfall, Dingle and Pippens are all definitely Harry Potter professors. Viramontes Pippens also sounds like someone who might've stolen your lunch money, but that's neither here nor there.

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