Wednesday’s Hot Clicks: Flip Saunders’s Son Runs His Dad’s Favorite Play as First NBA Call

Wolves interim head coach Ryan Saunders had to give his late father a shoutout in his first game in charge. 
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This one’s for his dad

Timberwolves interim head coach Ryan Saunders earned a win in his first game in charge last night against the Thunder. It was an emotional moment not only for the 32-year-old veteran assistant coach but for the whole Minnesota team. 

Saunders has been with the Wolves since 2014, when he joined his father Flip’s coaching staff, and has grown close to the team’s core of young players. Andrew Wiggins even came to his wedding

Flip Saunders’s presence is still felt in Minnesota, over four years after the coach, executive and part-owner died of cancer. Karl-Anthony Towns, whose rookie season began immediately after Saunders’s death, tweeted after the game “THIS ONE WAS FOR FLIP.”

Ryan, meanwhile, had a much more subtle tribute to his father. During and interview after the game on NBA TV, Isiah Thomas asked the younger Saunders if he ran a play called “452 twist,” his father’s favorite. It was actually a variation called 552 twist, but Ryan said he knew he had to run it. 

“I only told my mother before the game,” Saunders said. “I had an idea that we might be able to get something off of it. I didn’t know if it was necessarily going to work out, but I had to, just in an ode to him. I’d feel good about myself if I ran his favorite play, first play of the game.”

The play didn’t end up working (the possession ended with Andrew Wiggins chucking up a desperate long two as the shot clock expired) but does that really matter?

UPDATE: Here’s the full play, dug up by someone on Reddit.

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