Thursday’s Hot Clicks: Jerry Jones Bought a $250 Million Yacht the Size of a Football Field

It cost $110 million more than the Cowboys. 
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Finally, Jerry Jones has something luxurious


Even by superyacht standards, the new boat Cowboys owner Jerry Jones just bought is a little much.

Jones recently purchased the Oceanco Bravo Eugenia for a reported $250 million. That’s roughly what it cost him to buy the Cowboys in 1989 ($110 million at the time, which works out to about $290 million today when adjusted for inflation). 

The boat is, fittingly, almost exactly the size of a football field at 358 feet long. 

The boat has a full-size gym, a spa and two helipads that Jones can use for his $8 million helicopter he uses to get to work when the traffic is too bad. It also has storage for smaller boats and various water toys (like jet skis, not rubber ducks). The Eugenia can accomodate up to 14 guests, plus a crew of 30 to tend to their every need.

Jones (or one of his cronies) took possession of the ship on December 20, somewhere in Scandinavia, according to Boat International. It needed a few more touch-ups at its shipyard in the Netherlands before Jones could start sailing the high seas. 

Jones’s new ship puts the NFL’s other superyacht to shame. Jaguars owner Shad Khan’s Kismet is a tiny 310 feet long and worth a paltry $200 million. Embarrassing. 

You don’t have to do this

I understand the Reds are a small-market team and trading Homer Bailey opened a lot of payroll flexibility. But that’s not worth shotgunning three full cans of cold chili. Not even signing Manny Machado is worth that. 

The 90-year-old cyclist comments on his drug test

Carl Grove, who had his world record wiped out for a positive steroid test he blamed on tainted meat, spoke with the Associated Press in his only comments about the incident. 

“I was really kind of down for a while. But I’m over it,” Grove told the AP. “I wanted to be an inspiration, if possible. I worked like a real horse to do it.”

The best of SI

Our annual “Fittest 50” list just dropped, looking at the most in-shape athletes in the world. ... Remember when Sean Payton was suspended by the NFL for a year and the Saints went 7–9? ... It was an absolutely wild night in college hoops.

Around the sports world

A former LSU football player lost his leg in a hunting accident, apparently after a dog managed to fire a gun. ... You can place a prop bet on whether a kick will hit an upright or crossbar during the Super Bowl. ... A’s draft pick and NFL prospect Kyler Murray will not try to play both football and baseball. He’s also expected to enter the NFL draft. ... A fuel shortage in Mexico could jeopardize the Super Bowl guacamole supply

Now I just want to see Giannis play dodgeball

Ideally the injury cart would not further injure the injured player


New Broncos head coach Vic Fangio holds an important place in NFL history

Juan Soto picked up English insanely quickly

Top-class interview after losing 9–0 to a much bigger club

Get this guy to help you move

Way better than a police escort

Holy crap, this is a vicious punch

Uchiyama breaks Jaider Parra's ribs with a body shot from r/sports

Not sports

A man bragged to his roommates about buying a winning $10,000 lottery ticket. They stole it and it ended up being worth $10 million. ... There are two competing concerts for the 50th anniversary of Woodstock this summer—one on the original site and one set up by the original organizer. ... A man who lost his wedding ring 45 years ago had it returned after it was found in an Oldsmobile engine. ... A man walked into a Bay Area McDonald’s with a dead raccoon, forcing the restaurant to close down.

Austrian train engineers save a mountain goat buried under snow

I don’t get the new Twin Peaks

A good song

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