Dave Cochran lives in the truck he used to pull Jeff Allen out of a ditch. 

By Dan Gartland
January 14, 2019

Chiefs fan who helped player has an interesting story

Chiefs guard Jeff Allen ran into some trouble trying to get to Kansas City’s game against the Colts on Saturday. His car got stuck in the snow and he wasn’t able to get out until a man named Dave came by and helped him, without knowing Allen was a Chiefs player.

The next day, Allen went on Twitter and said he was trying to find Dave so he could thank him by giving him tickets to the AFC Championship Game.

It turns out the guy was Dave Cochran, who lives with his girlfriend and dog in the old Chevy Suburban that he used to pull Allen out of the ditch.

“It’s like a dream come true," Cochran told 41 Action News. “I saw the message this morning, and I am not going to fake with you—call me soft if you want to, homeboys—I started bawling to know he is a man of his word and he reached out to contact me.”

Cochran is a Kansas City native and says he’s never been to a Chiefs game but is planning to take Allen up on his offer and go to the game against the Patriots on Sunday.

41 Action News reporter Steven Dial has also been in contact with Cochran’s family and is asking people to email him if they want to help Cochran out.

I think this went exactly as planned

After Cody Parkey’s missed field goal last week, a Chicago brewery announced plans to give away free beer for a year to anyone who could hit a 43-yard field goal. That turned out to be illegal, so the prize for anyone who successfully converted the kick on a snowy Saturday at the Goose Island taproom was a trip to any NFL game next season, airfare, hotel and tickets included.

No one will be seeing a football game on Goose Island’s dime, but the event did produce some hilarious bloopers.

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Closing speed like a linebacker

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A good song

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