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The Saints' loss leads to talk of possible lawsuits, requests to replay game and other crazy stuff.

By Jimmy Traina
January 22, 2019

1. It’s not a secret that all sports fans, including myself, have a loose screw or two, but the crazies have outdone themselves in the hours after the Saints' controversial loss to the Rams.

Yes, that was a horrendous no-call on the pass interference. Yes, it was one of the worst calls of all time on as big of a stage possible.

But guess what? There have been a billion awful calls before that one and there will be a billion awful calls after that one. Blown calls are as much a part of sports as anything.

But because everyone has a voice now thanks to social media, people are embarrassing themselves with outlandish requests and demands.

From a page that has nearly 600,000 signatures from people who want the NFL to replay the game, to people preparing lawsuits against the NFL they have no chance of winning, to a New Jersey sportsbook refunding money to Saints bettors, to people who want every pass interference played reviewed, the sports world has gone mad.

Again, before any Saints fans out there send me a nasty tweet, New Orleans got robbed. The refs missed an obvious call that most likely would’ve sealed the game. Nobody is disputing that.

However, the Saints defense still allowed the Rams to drive for a game-tying field goal AFTER the blown no call. The Saints won the coin toss in OT and didn’t score. And the Saints defense again allowed the Rams to drive for a game-winning field goal.

Good luck with your insane request to get the game replayed or to win a frivolous lawsuit.

As for rules changes, something is probably going to happen, but if you think the NFL is going to implement a system where all penalties are reviewed or all pass interferences can be challenged, you're going to be disappointed. The league can’t have six hour games each Sunday.

And as for the Jersey sportsbook that refunded the bets of Saints backers, that’s as bad a business decision as you’ll ever see. Just shortsighted and dumb.

Remember the Chargers-Steelers Sunday night game earlier this year? Los Angeles scored a touchdown on a play where refs missed an obvious false start. Why didn’t the sportsbook refund Steelers bettors?

Do they only refund bets if a bad call happens in a playoff game? Or is it all on a whim? I would never use a sportsbook that just makes up things as it goes along.

Once you open that Pandora's box of refunding a loser, you’re asking for nothing but trouble.

But the sportsbook got caught up in the madness like many others.

Hopefully people will get a grip on reality now that a little bit of time has passed since the Saints got screwed because the past 48 hours have been embarrassing.

2. There's been a lot of fallout from the Saints' loss to the Rams. This is my favorite. I just hope the NFL can survive the boycott.

3. As always, Eagles defensive end Chris Long is one of the few players who has the guts to push back against the NFL.

4. Everyone loved Joel Embiid's dunk on James Harden on Monday night, but I loved Kevin Harlan's "DOWN GOES HARDEN" line even more.

5. I stopped caring about the Baseball Hall of Fame several years ago when they started letting in unworthy players while keeping true Hall of Famers out (go look at Albert Belle's career stats). But I can't lie, I'm excited today for the GOAT closer.

6. I hope someone takes video of all the poor bastards who don't know that the Chick-Fil-A in Atlanta's stadium will be closed on Super Bowl Sunday and go to the restaurant during the game only to find out they can't get their spicy chicken.

7. The latest SI Media Podcast features an interview with Bill Walton on life philosophy, going to more than 900 Grateful Dead concerts, his broadcasting career and overcoming back pain that had him contemplating suicide. You can listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes.

8. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: In honor of Mariano Rivera getting into the Hall of Fame on Tuesday, a little "Enter Sandman".

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