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“LeBron’s gonna trade you!” 

By Dan Gartland
February 06, 2019

Well done, Pacers fans

Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka are the top two guys in the Lakers’ front office, but everyone knows who’s really in charge. It’s LeBron.

Everybody not named LeBron is trade bait right now as the Lakers try to land Anthony Davis. Pacers fans latched onto this fact during last night’s game against Los Angeles and serenaded a couple of Lakers players with some pretty brutal chants. 

First they told Brandon Ingram, “LeBron’s gonna trade you!”

Their assessment of JaVale McGee was much harsher, though. 

Although, the fact that McGee is on an expiring contract actually makes him a fairly valuable trade chip.

I appreciate that Pacers fans added a college-like atmosphere to the game with some honestly clever chants. I just wish they would have come up with chants for more than two players. Nothing about Lonzo Ball’s dad trying to force a trade to Phoenix?

LeBron, meanwhile, couldn’t have made his feelings about his teammates more clear. 

The Lakers’ 136–94 loss was the worst margin of defeat (42 points) in LeBron’s entire NBA career. After the blowout, they did end up making a trade, acquiring Reggie Bullock from the Pistons for Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk. His name was too tough to chant anyway. 

How a runner fended off a mountain lion attack

The biggest story online yesterday was the Colorado jogger who was attacked by a mountain lion and managed to kill the animal in self-defense using only his bare hands. Now we know how he did it. 

Investigators from Colorado Parks & Wildlife interviewed the victim yesterday and a CPW spokeswoman relayed the man’s account to the Denver Post

As it went for his head and neck, the man blocked the cat with his forearms, but the mountain lion bit him on the face and clamped its fangs on the man’s wrist — and wouldn’t let go, Ferrell said.

The man picked up a rock with his free hand and pounded the cat in the head, but the animal hung on. He then put the lion in a headlock and wrestled and scrapped with the creature on the trail, Ferrell said.

When he finally managed to free his wrist from the cat’s jaws, the runner counterattacked. He jumped on the mountain lion’s back, and, using his hands, arms and feet, he choked the animal to death, she said.

He then hiked to his car and drove to a local hospital.

You wanna see 45 seconds of Bill Belichick being happy?

How often do we see this? I guess it is possible for him to break out of the monotone every now and then. 

The best of SI

College football teams hand out way more scholarship offers than they could possibly honor. ... The Sixers made a big trade in the middle of the night that makes them real contenders in the East. ... Todd Gurley didn’t speak with the media yesterday in Los Angeles, so we may never know what his problem was in the Super Bowl

Around the sports world

Today is National Signing Day, which is a good opportunity to familiarize yourself with the best-named recruits this year. ... Remember James Loney? He’s signing with an independent league team to try to be a two-way player. ... LaVar Ball is back to running his mouth, this time taking shots at Lakers coach Luke Walton.

I assume they were arguing about Welker vs. Edelman

Zion is human

Oh my god, this announcer

That’s Pacers color commentator Quinn Buckner with the “smothered chicken” call I’ve somehow never heard before. 

Wait, he’s a punter?

Nifty, nifty goal

Shot, chaser

D-Wade has a shirt touting all his accomplishments

I like this D-Wade story better, though

This is a fun, stupid baseball thing that I’d never seen before

Not sports

This week is the 10-year anniversary of when New York City officials finally figured out why the city occasionally smelled like maple syrup. ... Burglars in Belgium robbed a bank vault by crawling through a sewer. ... A new Martin Scorsese movie is coming to Netflix this year.

Let’s keep it that way

Diving in a frozen lake

How to deal with people peeing on your property

A good song

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