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No real cheese, though

What’s a trip to a stadium without getting yourself an order of round, over-salted tortilla chips to dip in flourescent yellow sauce purporting to be cheese-based? Wisconsin fans would gag at the mere sight of processed nacho cheese, but their Big Ten rivals in Columbus apparently love the stuff. 

A user on Reddit’s Ohio State football board posted a photo from an awards night showing a bunch of data on attendance at Buckeyes home games in 2018. Fans at Ohio Stadium ate eight tons of nacho cheese, 200 gallons of mustard, 25,165 boxes of popcorn and 8,682 bags of candy.


That amount of cheese sauce weighs as much as two Ford F-150 pickup trucks. The mustard could fill 179 footballs.

The eight tons of cheese were spread out over 42,614 orders of nachos, which works out to six ounces per order. Or, as another Reddit user pointed out, that’s one ton for every touchdown Ohio State scored against Michigan in November. 

Defense optional

When two of the worst teams in the NHL meet, they can either look like two of the worst teams in the NHL or they can make each other look like offensive powerhouses. The latter was the case for the Blackhawks and Senators, who combined for nine goals in the first period. 

Way too cool for a kid his age

That’s Bartosz Kuśmierczyk at a U11 futsal tournament in Poland, making the impossible look easy. 

The best of SI

Here’s what NFL scouts think of Kyler Murray. ... The likelihood of LeBron missing the playoffs is one of the top storylines in the NBA’s second half. ... Rob Manfred only made relations with the players worse with his recent press conference.

Around the sports world

LaMelo Ball somehow thinks he can still go to college after playing professionally in Lithuania last season. ... The latest rumors have the Padres making a big push for Manny Machado. ... Miami and Miami are set to meet in a college football game

Pierre is lucky he still has a nose

Easily the best part about leaving Miami

34 seconds, two goals, same guy

Francisco Lindor blue himself

Vin Scully was always a cool customer

Wrestling is fake, though

Not sports

T-Pain got all angry and ended a performance early after he got hit with a beach ball. ... This website produces endless renderings of faces that look human but are actually created by a computer. ... A Minnesota man was charged with a cold-case murder after cops lifted his DNA from a napkin and ran it against a geneology database

No words

Ah, cool, a steampunk snow plow

Spot-on parody of those food “expert” videos you see everywhere

I guess you can supercharge a Winnebago

Nighttime timelapse in western Colorado

A good song

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