Shaquille O'Neal weighs in on college admissions scandal with funny story about getting into LSU.

By Jimmy Traina
March 15, 2019

1. The NBA on TNT crew got into this week's college admissions scandal on Thurdsday night and the result was Shaquille O'Neal revealing a funny story about his high school days.

O'Neal said that after not passing the SAT's twice (even though you can't pass or fail the SAT's), he took the ACT's. When it was test time, Shaq didn't even bother reading the questions. He did the test "rhyme style."

As he explained it, O'Neal just came up with a rap of letters and just answered the quesetions that way. "A to the B, this one's C, this gotta be D, and another B, B." According to Shaq, this method worked and he passed the test, which only took him five minutes.

The highlight of this story though, was at the very end when O'Neal talked about throwing down his pen. I won't ruin it for you. Just watch.

On a side note, this story reminded of the great scene in Old School when Vince Vaughn saying "good test" while getting the answers in his ear.

2. The NBA officially announced today that starting on Saturday, fans will be able to purchase 10-minute portions of games for 99 cents. From the league's press release:

"NBA 10-Minute Pass will provide fans the option to purchase 10 minutes of real-time access to live out-of-market NBA games for $0.99 by tapping “Watch” from any game page on or within the NBA App.  As part of the new offering, fans can watch as many live games as they choose during the 10-minute window."

3. Golden Tate recreated Jerry Maguire's most famous scene after signing a four-year, $37.5 milliion contract with the Giants yesterday.

The best part of all this for Tate is that The Rock approved.

4. The newest SI Media Podcast is out. The first portion of the show is a sports media chat with New York Post sports media columnist Andrew Marchand. We got into a heated argument about FOX's new college football pregame show and Urban Meyer. Other topics discussed: Stephen A. Smith's various blunders, CBS/Turner announcers for the NCAA Tournament Show and the change to the Selection Show, Turner's plan to phase out Marv Albert on NBA coverage and much more.

At the 37-minute mark of the podcast, WWE superstar Roman Reigns joins the show to talk about his return to the WWE after battling leukemia, what he did during his time away from the ring, how he plans on changing his character, working with The Rock on a new movie and more.

You can listen to the podcast below or on iTunesSpotify and Google Play.

5. Kevin Harlan was back it last night. After a fan had a beer spillage issue, the TNT play-by-play said, "All they ask you to do courtside is hold onto to your drink and don't spill on the floor!" You tell me, Kevin!

6. Former New York Giants defensive lineman, Damon Harrison, who is now with the Lions, unloaded yesterday on New York radio host, Mike Francesa.

7. RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEO OF THE DAY: I posted this on Twitter last night and it got a lot of positive reaction so I'm posting here for all the shortsighted people who don't follow me there. It's been nearly four years since David Letterman's final show and the way Julia-Louis Dreyfus delivered her wickedly brilliant Top 10 line remains the highlight from that evening.

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IN CLOSING: Just want to give a shoutout to The Big Lead. The site was sold yesterday to a company that, in my opinion, does not seem great at all. The Big Lead was one of the OG sports blogs back it the day when I was writing Hot Clicks and I will always look back on the time with nothing but great memories. 

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