Nothing gets the crowd on its feet like the T-shirt cannon. Sports fans lose their minds whenever a cheerleader or a guy in a plush suit comes out with a gas-propelled gun to shoot extra large shirts into the stands. Now imagine how much more excited fans would be if the mascot was giving out drugs instead. 

An Oklahoma woman faces felony charges after she allegedly used a T-shirt cannon to send a package full of drugs sailing over the wall of a prison, according to KOTV

The woman allegedly used the gun to propel a package containing cell phones, ear buds, phone chargers, meth, digital scales, marijuana and tobacco into the yard at a jail in the southwestern corner of the state. 

Prison guards saw the airborne goody bag and locked down the jail before sending the police after the woman’s car. She was pulled over near the prison by Oklahoma Highway Patrol and a search of her car turned up the T-shirt cannon and another package. 

Police also searched her home, nearly 300 miles from the prison, and found more drugs. She faces charges of introducing contraband into a penal institution, conspiracy and drug trafficking.