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Jordan Bohannon wants NCAA players to be able to make money, and he’s not above swiping a rug to make it happen. 

By Dan Gartland
April 01, 2019

Let us make money and the rug doesn’t get hurt

The Wall Street Journal ran a story this weekend about how the March Madness rugs that can be found in team’s locker rooms are the must-have souvenir for NCAA tournament participants. Just like going home with a few extra towels from a hotel, players like to swipe the rugs when they skip town—sometimes scheming days in advance how they’ll abscond with them.

The Iowa Hawkeyes were no exception to the trend and once the string of thefts was uncovered, star guard Jordan Bohannon saw a negotiation opportunity. 

Bohannon, whose three older brothers also played college hoops, isn’t shy to rib the NCAA over the way it treats athletes, whether it’s over the organization preventing his postgame snack or snapping back at a bad tweet about free WiFi. 

But the rug tweet may have crossed a line, because Bohannon later issued an apology touting “the incredible opportunities” of NCAA participation. 

Bohannon is only a junior, so he has to be careful not to upset the NCAA too much. But it’s clear he feels strongly about the way the system treats athletes, so you can bet on him taking the gloves off next season.

That’s it for Zion

Michigan State ended Zion Williamson’s college career with a thrilling victory over Duke in the Elite Eight yesterday. Zion achieved what should be impossible—getting the majority of America to pull for Duke. It would have been amazing to see him on the stage of the Final Four and for even more people to discover him on that stage. I wanted his college career to go on for as long as possible because we’ll never get to see him so thoroughly outmatch his opponents on a physical level again. 

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