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Soccer fans are on another level.

By Dan Gartland
April 02, 2019

Soccer fans are on another level

College football fans will try to protest but there is certainly not a group of fans more hardcore than world soccer fans. Argentina is just one place where supporters can go overboard at times, like when a continental championship game had to be postponed after fans attacked a rival team’s bus last year. Argentine side Racing Club captured the league championship this weekend and while there was thankfully no violence, the celebrations were a little crazy. This guy brought along the skull of his grandfather. 

The man’s name is Gabriel Aranda and his grandfather’s name was Valentín. Aranda said in an interview with TNT Sports that the skull is a good luck charm, which he takes out of its tomb for every Racing game. 

“My grandad will be so proud for doing this,” Aranda added.

The weird thing is, while you could maybe understand a Cubs fan doing something similar after a title drought of more than 100 years, Racing last won the championship in... 2014. 

Was he mad for real?

ESPN’s Pablo Torre and Bomani Jones pranked their colleague, First Take host Will Cain, by pretending to have him guest host their show High Noon. Cain, ESPN’s token right-leaning pundit, appeared ticked off by the prank and Jones sold it well with the line “The next time they have you on will be the day I quit.” But it looks to me like he was acting, and Cain’s tweet afterward says as much.

This would be extremely funny

I tend to think this is just an aggressive negotiation tactic but how amazing would it be if the football league everybody was obsessed with for one week folded before its first season was even over? 

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Around the sports world

Michigan State’s Elite Eight hero initially joined the team as a walk-on and his family is still paying off that loan. ... The England national team goalie got heckled at a bar and got in a fight outside. ... Keenan Allen and Le’Veon Bell got in a fight over Allen insulting Bell’s music

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Is Chuck Knoblauch back in New York?

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The cameraman is a real pro

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Adding tracer whether it needs it or not.

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These are my favorite kind of golf shots

It’s an April Fool’s joke but someone still had to make this

Not sports

The secret to discovering life in space could lie in retrieving astronauts’ poop from the moon. ... Facebook is peeling back the curtain a little bit on how its algorithm works. ... The Los Angeles Times’s mockery of New York’s food is the best April Fool’s joke I saw yesterday.

I know this is a joke but some angel investor will throw seven figures at it

I’d watch this sequel

I never knew this about soda cans

Flying a drone through the desert

A good song

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