Props to Teddy Bridgewater

Teddy Bridgewater comes from the famously rough Miami neighborhood of Liberty City, and he wants to share his success with the people he grew up with. He doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, though.

Last summer, Bridgewater pulled up on a street in his old neighborhood with a U-Haul truck full of toys to give away to kids. We’re just finding out about it now, though, because Bridgewater didn’t say anything about it until he tweeted some photos this week.

As you can see, the street was just packed with kids getting brand new bikes, remote-controlled cars and other awesome toys from Bridgewater. But you can only pack so many toys on a truck, and so Bridgewater eventually ran out of toys.

Rather than send the kids away empty-handed and disappointed, Bridgewater whipped out his wallet and started handing out cash so the kids could go down to the corner store and at least stock up on candy.

Randy Moss would be proud.

Oh my god, he stopped a goal for his own team

Jets center Kevin Hayes was this close to scoring his second goal of the night against the Blues and giving Winnipeg a 3–0 lead in a pivotal Game 5.

Yep, Hayes stumbled and somehow managed to direct the puck away from the net.

The Jets ended up losing the game by one goal when St. Louis’s Jaden Schwartz scored the game-winner with just 15 seconds to play.

The best of SI

How Le’Veon Bell, Odell Beckham and Antonio Brown impacted the 2019 NBA schedule. ... How TV networks’ requests impact the NFL schedule. ... MLS is planning to expand to 30 teams and there are already favorites for new expansion cities.

Around the sports world

These are the fake jobs MLB players tell people they have when strangers ask what they do for a living. ... The final Opening Day at a crappy, dying minor league ballpark. ... A Texas man won a bet with his wife that they could name their first child Tiger if Eldrick Woods came from behind to win The Masters. ... Jason La Canfora erroneously reported that Jeff Fisher was close to an XFL job and he also may not be returning to his TV gig on CBS.

Kyrie really brought an atlas to read on the plane

Everyone knows you can’t leave Ovechkin there

Aaron Judge covers so much ground

The Columbus sweep turned the Lightning into nihilists

Nolan Arenado remains a wizard

That sounds cool

Not sports

Surprise, surprise. Samsung’s folding phones are breaking almost immediately. ... Scientists in Kenya dug some old fossils out of a drawer and discovered a new prehistoric species. ... Scientists were able to bring the brain cells of dead pigs back to life. ... The nation of Iceland won a trademark dispute with a British grocery chain called Iceland. ... A Japanese professor faces 10 years in jail for teaching students how to make MDMA.

This whole thread is truly absurd

(Click here to read the whole thing.)

Somebody doesn’t understand how X-ray machines work

Good cover

Mario song by a bluegrass band

Jason Momoa shaved his beard to raise awareness for recycling

A good song

Today is the 25th anniversary of Illmatic.

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