They were even throwing haymakers in the stands

Bruins fans should honestly be embarrassed for their behavior during Game 5 against the Blues. 

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Benjamin Hochman posted a video a reader shared with him of a bunch of B’s fans duking it out up in the upper deck. It looks at first like a dumb dispute between two guys, but then two more clowns start throwing down right in front of them and the two fights eventually bleed together. 

But that’s just an isolated incident, so it’s not fair to say that it was a bad look for all Bruins fans. There’s no excuse for the crowd’s reaction to the crucial missed tripping call against Tyler Bozak, though. 

Bozak clearly tripped Boston’s Noel Acciari in the third period but no penalty was called and the Blues took advantage by scoring what proved to be the game-winning goal. 

The fans responded by throwing all sorts of trash onto the ice, enough that the PA announcer was forced to come on the loudspeaker and ask them to stop.

That’s never a good look. 

He’s a hockey player

Bruins fans at least started the night in a good mood. Captain Zdeno Chara was in the lineup for Game 5, despite a broken jaw and the fans in Boston sure were happy to see him. 

He certainly didn’t play like a guy with a broken jaw, though. 

Where was Kyrie?

Here are three tweets that comprise the dumbest NBA free agency story of the year thus far. 

I can’t wait for three more weeks of this. 

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