How cool is this guy?

Every baseball fan dreams of catching a foul ball but no one will ever do it as flawlessly as this guy.

Early in Tuesday night’s Indians-Tigers game, Francisco Lindor sliced a liner into the rightfield corner—and that’s when our hero seized his moment.

You can’t execute a foul ball situation better than that. An effortless one-handed catch that would make Odell Beckham jealous, while saving the beer and then handing the ball to a kid. That’s the way you draw it up. Just look at the reactions from the fans around him, especially the long-haired guy three rows back. They know they just witnessed greatness.

The only thing I disapprove of is drinking a dark beer on a hot summer day.

Saquon Barkley and Barry Sanders are eerily similar

How good is Saquon Barkley? Even though he’s 25 pounds heavier than Barry Sanders was, he still has the exact same running style. For Sanders’s 51st birthday on Tuesday, Barkley posted a video on Instagram with a bunch of side-by-side clips of the two running backs doing the same moves. The comparison is wild.

I know Barkley isn’t anywhere near Sanders’s level right now, but can’t Giants fans just have this one?

The best of SI

Tiger Woods is running out of time to break Jack Nicklaus’s majors record. ... Why isn’t reigning AL MVP Mookie Betts a major star? ... Quarterback Joe Burrow could be the guy to save LSU this season. ... NFL players complaining about their Madden rating is the perfect way to wrap up the mundane offseason.

Around the sports world

Big Baller Brand has resorted to selling T-shirts for $5 at local youth volleyball tournaments. ... Golden Tate says Matthew Stafford is the best QB he ever caught passes from—better than Russell Wilson. ... MLB players all hate the experimental Atlantic League rule that lets you steal first. ... Joe Montana’s massive Napa Valley estate is up for sale for $29 million.

CC always gets into it with the Rays

So that’s why Pete Alonso was talking about jelly and English muffins

Takk McKinley is becoming one of my favorite NFL players

NHL 20 looks awesome

Tennessee’s head coach is ready to be a politician

MLB prospects play games from before they were born (the ’90s)

The fans’ faces are spectacular

Minor league pay is one of the most shameful things in sports

Not sports

A New Jersey man is suing TGI Fridays because the menu didn’t tell him that a Stella Artois cost $5. ... Space Jam 2reportedly has a new director. ... The oral history of how The Blair Witch Project was filmed, 20 years ago. ... Andre 3000 has apparently been spending his summer playing the flute for strangers.

Where are the air marshals when you need them?

How’d they catch him?

Way too close for comfort

That’s a lot of Dolphins

A good song

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