How is this supposed to help us understand the game better?

If there’s one thing that Yankees and Red Sox fans can agree on it’s that ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball broadcast stinks. It’s total mess of a show, hell-bent on showing you everything but the game. 

It can all be summed up pretty nicely by this clip from last night’s game, featuring some kind of animation that I guess is supposed to show me what makes Xander Bogaerts a good hitter. 

(Click here if you can’t see the video.)

Is that... good? Do other hitters not turn into helicopters when they see an inside fastball? At least show me the psychedelic swing path of a guy who doesn’t hit as well as Bogaerts, otherwise this animation just makes me think somebody slipped something into my drink.

When done correctly, this could be a really great feature for a broadcast. Jessica Mendoza certainly knows a lot about swinging a bat and her insight could help viewers understand what makes a guy like Bogaerts so dangerous. One of the best things a broadcast can do is help viewers understand the minutiae of a sport by explaining things clearly and concisely, like Tony Romo does during a football game

The other thing that makes this nonsense so awful is that it came in the bottom of the ninth inning. Bogaerts had just singled off of Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman. The broadcasters should have been building the tension of the moment by harping on Chapman’s recent struggles and showing fans in the stands. Instead we got to see something the director dreamed up after taking mushrooms on Saturday night. 

Trevor Bauer is such a baby

Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer took the loss in Cleveland’s game Sunday afternoon against the Royals, and he did not handle it in stride. 

Bauer, who loves to present himself as the smartest guy in baseball, sure did a pretty dumb thing when manager Terry Francona came out to yank him. 

Tito had the only appropriate reaction. 

Bauer, to his credit, did apologize after the game. 

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