You can probably see the cloud of smoke from space

Mike Tyson is taking full advantage of legalized marijuana. Full advantage.

Not only is Tyson growing his own marijuana on a massive ranch in the Mojave Desert, he’s also smoking a great deal of it. 

On a recent episode of his “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” podcast, the former heavyweight champ said he and his buddies smoke about $40,000 worth of weed every month at Tyson Ranch. 

Co-host Eben Britton, a former NFL offensive lineman, said they smoke “ten tons of weed a month on the ranch,” so clearly there’s a bit of embellishment going on. 

The ranch is currently used to grow Tyson’s own strains of marijuana, which can be purchased at dispensaries in California and Las Vegas. Tyson intends to develop the ranch into a full-blown weed resort, complete with a hotel, camp sites and classrooms for learning how to grow your own pot. 

While the resort project isn’t off the ground yet, Tyson’s business appears to be booming. He said the ranch sells about $500,000 worth of weed every month. Smoking $40,000 worth is a pretty significant dent, then. There’s a reason why Crack Commandment #4 is “never get high on your own supply.”

What are you doing, Magic?

Magic Johnson continues to have the most perplexing Twitter presence of anyone. In honor of his 60th birthday (which is actually today), Earvin tweeted a bunch of Top 60 lists.

Notice anything weird there? They’re broken down into 1–30 and 31–60 but they’re not even ranked! They’re just alphabetized! Never change, Magic. 

Antonio Brown’s offer is insulting

I wrote about this yesterday, but Antonio Brown offering just a measely practice helmet in exchange for the only helmet he’s willing to play football in is a pathetic offer. I talked to a sports memorabilia dealer who said that sort of thing would be worth $600, max.

And here’s the other thing: How’s he going to give you a practice-worn helmet if he can’t even practice because of his frozen feet?

Either way, it looks like Brown may have secured a helmet that he’ll be able to use. 

The best of SI

Maybe it’s time for MLB to crack down on tanking by relegating its most embarrassing teams. ... Episode 2 of Hard Knocks focused on Antonio Brown’s feet, Jon Gruden’s coaching style and Nathan Peterman. ... 15-year-old Emoni Bates has already caught the eye of the NBA

Around the sports world

Lions coach Matt Patricia is using an ATV to get around the practice field after an offseason leg surgery. He had the machine shipped to Houston for Detroit’s joint practices with the Texans. ... HBO is making a Hard Knocks-style TV show tracking different college football programs. ... Yankees announcer Michael Kay is returning to TV after a serious vocal chord surgery forced him to be completely silent for a month. ... Ohio State wants to trademark the word “THE.”

MPJ isn’t making friends with the commish

Wait, so the first College Gameday of the year won’t have signs?

Game-winning home run robbery!

Let’s count the errors

This throw was clocked at 99.1 mph

I bet this man is a great dancer

A 13-year-old won the European diving championships

Man, that’s tough

On the Ground Tonight

Down goes the beverage!

Ironically, it looks like the path of a Johnny Manziel scramble

Not many cooler places to find out you’re getting a scholarship

Nope. No thank you. 

Not sports

A Virginia man wearing a TV on his head was caught leaving TVs on peoples’ stoops. ... A German politician wants to install drive-in sex booths at a Berlin airport. ... A devastating fungus could wipe out nearly all bananas on earth

Kiss of death

The only way to drive an RC car

Flying in style

That’s a Hollywood-quality disguise

A good song

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